Posted Sentence Examples | Use Posted in a sentence

1.a sentry was Posted at the entrance to check the passes.

2.brody had Posted two officers on the beach.

3.a few weeks later, the bank Posted her a card and a four-number personal identification number (pin)her pin is 1234.

4.when reviewing the site's privacy policy, you'll be able to delete your resume just as easily as you Posted it.

5.for those who appreciate a more visual approach, henrik kniberg recently Posted a set of mind maps from his own notes. is normal to spend two or three years working in this country before being Posted overseas.

7.several of my colleagues have had their pictures and contacts Posted on the internet.

8.police have now been Posted outside all temples

9.much of the worst violence took place in the city of homs, with film of it Posted on a social media website.

10.their territory is often "Posted" with the skulls of trespassers.

11.when i Posted photos on my facebook, people started talking about my similarity with bruce lee.

12.he Posted up the names of the members of the team yesterday.

13.i hope you will be Posted to the bank.

14.the big propaganda playbills were Posted up in each corner of the university and many students talked about microsoft passionately.

15.i Posted a letter to stanley saying i was an old army friend.

16.we have guards Posted near the windows.

17.a consultation paper has been Posted on the internet inviting input from net users.

18.more sentries were Posted to interrogate and examine the passers-by. a recently Posted youtube video, a father puts his daughter's hair into a ponytail with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

20.there is often overspill, with the office piled high with parts and the shop jammed full of goods waiting to be Posted out

21.i have Posted for several months, nobody has always cared about my name.

22.he passed out in november 1924 and was Posted to no 24 squadron.

23.she has Posted photographs on bulletin boards.

24.i Posted the letters and i remember the actions.'s wmq blog has Posted a series on how to perform these actions. of the uncertainties of military duty is that you never know when you might suddenly get Posted away.

27.we Posted up the new regulations. kelly Posted his resignation letter to mr jones in the internal mail box.

29.keep me Posted on your progress. a report Posted on the china customs website ( in chinese), an official said the practice doesn't violate world trade organization rules.

31.he was Posted to hong kong as second-in-command of c squadron

32.has the letter been Posted [ mailed]?

33.i wrote him a letter and Posted it straightaway.

34.after training she was Posted to brixton

35.i Posted about the lectures and activities i participated in. you think you Posted on the web and i do not recognize you!

37.a regional news agency, portamur, Posted some photographs and a grainy, low-quality video that appeared to have been shot illicitly.

38.that's compared with a quarter a year earlier when the company Posted big drops in the value of its trademarks.