Possibilities Sentence Examples | Use Possibilities in a sentence

1.it should be easy to see the Possibilities though.

2.it should also look into the Possibilities of wind-generated electricity.

3.support for soes opens new Possibilities to many industries.

4.these and other technologies provide an unlimited degree of Possibilities for creative content developers.

5.i wondered: in a city like new york, with its infinite Possibilities, has monogamy become too much to expect?

6.it opens up new, previously unseen Possibilities and opportunities.

7.let me tell you something, out there is nothing but Possibilities.

8.life is a wonderful adventure filled with enriching experiences and endless Possibilities.

9.yes, i am interested in the research and development Possibilities.

10.once we succeed, the Possibilities will be endless.

11.there are only two Possibilities, good or bad.

12.what's happened is that the new results narrow down the Possibilities

13.but it also offers Possibilities and temptations.

14.still, tokyo is comfortable with its evacuation policy even after studying various Possibilities of deterioration at the plant, he said.

15.after considering all five Possibilities, we checked off the second one.

16.one type of plankton that seems to have great harvest Possibilities is a tiny shrimp-like creature called krill.

17.the commercial Possibilities of the internet are just beginning to be realized.

18.it was also felt that the collapse of the system opened up new Possibilities

19.there are all sorts of Possibilities for technical innovation.

20.the commercial ends with an image of a young girl, shaan sahota, opening her closed eyes, as if to see the Possibilities before her.

21.in the exhibition mvrdv visualizes the Possibilities this offers.

22.these are only a few of the Possibilities

23.the plan has great Possibilities.

24.the situation is pregnant with grim Possibilities.

25.i think one's got to consider all the Possibilities.

26.there were several Possibilities open to each manufacturer.

27.various textile techniques will be explored to realise design Possibilities

28.she is now in further education with new career Possibilities ahead of her

29.the discovery has fastened public attention on the Possibilities of dna analysis for resolving mysteries.

30.create and invent new projects and new Possibilities.

31.such a revolution holds Possibilities for true democratisation and breaking the power of the big energy companies.

32.the mind boggles at the Possibilities that could be in store for us

33.nevertheless, she is always optimistic about the Possibilities and can work her charm on the disenchanted

34.she pondered these Possibilities until she tottered into a larger choice: she did not have to write a sonnet.

35.but the Possibilities that emerged were not used to the full.

36.i like the challenge and Possibilities that it can bring.

37.it's a way to explore Possibilities and opportunities and create more.

38.there are only two Possibilities.

39.the new year always brings with it a cultural tradition of new Possibilities. we see it as a chance for renewal.

40.i feel full of confidence and so open to Possibilities