Possessor Sentence Examples | Use Possessor in a sentence

1.honesty is a good thing, but it is not profitable to its Possessor unless it is kept under control.

2.a characteristic trait or peculiarity, especially one serving to define or describe its Possessor.

3.i give you the new Possessor of carlyle castle.

4.once someone has abandoned it, it becomes the property of the first Possessor.

5.view allows the Possessor to view key attributes.

6.lyrics: she was the keeper of all my reason, Possessor of all i owned, she kept me on the edge of darkness with words as cold as stone.

7."but," inquired dants hesitating," has this treasure no more legitimate Possessor in the world than ourselves?"

8.ms nova is the proud Possessor of a truly incredible voice.

9.wisdom is a shelter as money is a shelter, but the advantage of knowledge is this: that wisdom preserves the life of its Possessor.

10.he is the Possessor of a fine singing voice.

11.he is the fortunate Possessor of a fine singing voice.

12.to this end he has harnessed the mortal Possessor of the sunwell's energies, anveena.

13.someone who owns ( is legal Possessor of) a business.

14.the receipt of the samples identified in its vernacular, english and/ or scientific names, shall be countersigned by the owner/ Possessor thereof.

15.he is at last the proud Possessor of a driving licence.

16.another capitalist substitutes himself for a as a mortgagee of the public, and a substitutes himself for the other capitalist as the Possessor of a fund employed in production, or available for it.

17.article41if the owner, holder or Possessor of or a person interested in the thing is dissatisfied with the seizure, he may raise his objection with the agency executing the seizure.

18.and a malicious Possessor shall make compensations in case the impairment to the holder has not been sufficiently made up.

19.his wife and little worried about such a wizard, i do not know the relevant Possessor of it properly is wrong.

20.he stood up and walked about, dreaming his delightful dream of a life continued with this lovely Possessor of his heart.

21.a man develops in mind, soul, and body by making use of things, and society is so organized that man must have money in order to become the Possessor of things;

22.link allows the Possessor to link a particular key or keyring to a keyring.

23.no one shall be held in slavery or servitude. riches either serve or govern the Possessor.

24.that man, formerly a poor man, is now the Possessor of a large fortune.

25.set attribute allows the Possessor to set the key's uid, gid, and permissions mask.

26.write allows the Possessor to modify the payload for a key or keyring and to modify linked keys.

27.but, at any rate, she was the Possessor of a dead tiger.

28.only the Possessor of a good linguistic memory, or better still, a thick notebook, can fully realize the truth of this statement.

29.he was professor of physics in the high school, Possessor of a large family, a meagre salary, and a select fund of parrot-learned knowledge.

30.knowledge, in any art or science, being always the fruit of observation, study, or practice, gives, in proportion to its extent and usefulness, the Possessor a just claim to respect.

31.diligence and thrift made him a Possessor of warm fortunes.

32.as photography works are special spiritual commodities, the issue of the Possessor of his intellectual property rights has its own characteristics.

33.( of sb's memory) able to remember things in great detail, exactly as they were seen only the Possessor of a good linguistic memory, or better still, a thick notebook, can fully realize the truth of this statement.

34.would that nice mr obama, the precocious Possessor of a nobel peace prize, really be so duplicitous? here's hoping.

35.it gives colour, force, and beauty to the Possessor.

36.riches either serve or govern the Possessor.

37.search allows the Possessor to search keyrings and find keys.

38.ah, certainly& i see now: you are the favoured Possessor of the beneficent fairy,'i remarked, turning to my neighbour.

39.i am the proud Possessor of two ticket to the opera.