Possessed Sentence Examples | Use Possessed in a sentence

1.of course, the word refers the name of the course rather than a quality Possessed by its students.

2.queen milena Possessed great beauty, which she retained unimpaired in advancing years.

3.until 1954 the huge majority of the inhabitants of the british isles had not even realized that he Possessed a middle name.

4.tsvetayeva was Possessed by a frenzied urge to get out of moscow.

5.he Possessed the only known samples of these strains, and he patented his revivification process to further cement his control over them.

6.and when he was come into the ship, he that had been Possessed with the devil prayed him that he might be with him.

7.the system is Possessed of stronger applicability and generality.

8.in prison they'd taken away his watch and everything he Possessed.

9.the paper said wen said he did not know if north korea Possessed nuclear weapons.

10.she Possessed the vibrant personality that is so often popularly associated with spanish women.

11.the boy acts like one Possessed.

12.he was Possessed of great self-confidence.

13.Possessed of such qualities, how do you bring them to the fore and snare the job?

14.he Possessed a raw energy allied to a feeling of something special.

15.according to thomson this man was a sixth-grade mandarin official and a man of letters who Possessed two degrees in imperial examinations.

16.he is Possessed of an extraordinary fund of energy.

17.he Possessed a vast store of knowledge

18.the nakani were evil spirits who looked like humans and Possessed supernatural powers.

19.it Possessed the body of a fish and the head of an owl, complete with massive eyes and a wedge-shaped beak.

20.he is Possessed of the most brilliant talents

21.portugal and spain had Possessed vast empires that waxed and waned.

22.absolute terror Possessed her

23.he Possessed the qualities of a leader, charisma, energy and eloquence.

24.you think i was Possessed* and murdered mad dog?

25.she was Possessed by a devil.

26.excommunication neither does, nor can, deprive the excommunicated person of any of those civil goods that he formerly Possessed.

27.this diplomat Possessed an excellent gift for repartee.

28.but disreputable, illiterate and ignorant though he was, fegelein seems to have been Possessed of a simon-pure instinct for survival.

29.she was Possessed of a terrifying sensation that the life was being squeezed slowly out of her.

30.she even claimed the couple's daughter was Possessed by the devil

31.if only my father had Possessed an ounce of business sense

32.science means systematic knowledge Possessed as a result of practice and study.

33.he jumped about like a man Possessed.

34.what on earth had Possessed her to agree to marry him?

35.he was a poor scholar, and Possessed nothing but his books.

36.a feeling of "autumnal melancholy" has suddenly Possessed me.

37.he behaved like someone Possessed.

38.jehovah Possessed me in the beginning of his way, before his works of old.

39.what Possessed him to do it?