Posse Sentence Examples | Use Posse in a sentence

1.what do we do about his Posse?

2.looks like the good folks of island town are about to form a Posse.

3.slang is he one of the Posse that you hang out with?

4.jupiter is the most massive planet in the sun's Posse. as such, it tugs at the orbits of the other planets.

5.messrs soros and druckenmiller made almost$ 1bn for their fund on black wednesday in 1992, when they led a Posse that forced the pound to devalue, and about the same again from thailand, which triggered the 1997 east asian crisis.

6.he has his Posse traipsing around until the late hours of the night, he's loud and totally disrespectful of his neighbors.

7.this desperate Posse can't call the law or an ambulance.

8.once a week, download mullah omar and his Posse of theocrats spittin' mad chatter from their hideout in the mountains near tora bora.

9.state troopers and a sheriff's Posse broke up a a march by civil rights demonstrators in selma, ala.

10.i'm just amazed that he allowed any of your Posse to live, is that right?

11.arpaio made shaq a special deputy in 2006 and promoted him to colonel of his largely ceremonial Posse later that year.

12.the disgraced minister walked swiftly from the car to his house pursued by a whole Posse of reporters.

13.the memos also said he was accompanied everywhere by a "voluptuous blonde, " the senior member of his Posse of ukrainian nurses.

14.an entire Posse of people who only benefit if tyrell is alive and playing football.

15.but now she decided to skip her post-class musing-on-the-mats routine, head straight for the serenity Posse ii meeting on amsterdam.

16.the Posse rode down the escaping bank robber.

17.a Posse of detroit executives went to tokyo to plead for relief from japan's export drive.

18.only the wise Posse ideas; the greater part of mankind is Possessed by them.

19.the outlaw jesse james, pursued by a Posse.

20.that essence is the notion in Posse and in esse: and thus the world is itself the idea.

21.next sheriff's Posse, i'll be the boss.

22.by "Posse," the student meant his group of friends& his support system.

23.a group of people who feel betrayed by their government and let down by their police force form a modern-day outlaw Posse in order to right what they see as the wrongs of society.

24.was he here when the Posse come by?

25.sometimes siblings betray to each other in order to Posse a piece of legacy.

26.hayduke, an ex-green beret and "wilderness avenger, " was last seen hanging from a cliff, under fire from both a helicopter and a Posse.

27.but hold on: do women really want to turn dad's army into mum's army, a Posse of latter-day amazons braving the front line, cheek by jowl with their male counterparts?

28.a Posse of marsh's friends persuaded them that this was a bad idea.

29.you were aware that until the suspension of the Posse comitatus act.

30.break it sauce shape, wear with Posse tampon taoist sacrificial ceremony the sauce inunction of tomato is on your abluent face.

31.his horse is too small to follow that Posse. i'll catch him.

32.let him sit with your punk-ass little Posse.

33.in 2006 the couple took out a$ 300,000 second mortgage and hired a Posse of nutritionists and a manufacturing expert.

34.the officers reported that the couple attempted to flee, but more likely, owing to the fact that bonnie and clyde had killed five policemen, the Posse opened fire without warning.

35.Posse gives them full scholarships and sends them to colleges and universities in teams of10.

36.come on, bogardus, you was a whole Posse today.

37.with a Posse of followers, he burst into a lecture hall, poured hot tar on the professor and then decorated him with feathers.

38.'monday morning was supposed to be check-out time, but lindsay and her Posse refused to leave, ' powers wrote.

39.chavez said her Posse was particularly helpful when she was a freshman, missing her family in chicago a seven-hour drive away and tackling a difficult calculus class.