Poss Sentence Examples | Use Poss in a sentence

1.synthesis and thermal properties of Poss/ ps composite

2.james Poss. Poss helps oversee the air force's surveillance programs, which mostly revolve around drones.

3.tell them i'll be there as soon as Poss.

4.the structure and combustion properties of Poss/ ps composites

5.if Poss, i'd like the whole of it painted.

6.Poss says the air force now recruits more pilots for unmanned aircraft than fighter and bomber pilots combined.

7.conclusions: the culture system of mouse es cells was established, which will provide the Poss. . .

8.in this paper, the advances in the preparation of Poss-containing hybrid polymers are briefly reviewed, involving free radical solution polymerization, controlled/ living polymerization, open-ring metathesis polymerization, condensation polymerization and coordination polymerization.

9.study on the curing kinetics and curing process of cyanate ester/ Poss hybrid resin

10."cities and institutions like universities and park systems are eager to do more with less, " says ceo jim Poss.

11.study of Poss modified polyurethane aqueous dispersions emulsions

12.during the1940's, electron microscopes routinely achieved resolution better than that Poss ible with a visible light microscope, while the performance of x ray microscopes resisted improvement.

13.Poss, lindsay g.wilson and mark t.keating found that the zebrafish can naturally regenerate its own heart.

14.then, the polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane ( Poss) was added to the polyacrylate dispersed liquid crystal composite systems in order to improve their thermal stability. the effects of Poss on photopolymerization kinetics, electro-optic properties, microstructure, and thermal stability of the composites were studied.

15.Poss increased the integral procedure decomposition temperature and char yield at 800 oc of nylon 1010.

16.( 1) a method of epoxy-Poss chain-extended pbt was investigated.

17.the difference of rheological behavior of two different methods was explained by the interaction of Poss and polymer, which can provide the reference for investigating the structure-property relationship of other polymer/ fillers composites.

18.preparation and mechanical properties of Poss/ pvdf composites

19.we'll rush it round today if Poss.

20.conclusion the serious cellulitis of floor of mouth can induce mediastinum infection, which should be paid more attention. the Poss . . .

21.Poss-pcl-pnipam micelles for drug release demonstrated the rapid release of temperature-induced .

22.they got just a Poss i, i suspect.

23.in this study, polymer/ Poss composites were prepared through reactive processing method and their structure and properties were studied.

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25.the reinforcement of plasticizing effect or Poss was dependent on its dispersion structure.

26.chemical modified Poss used for polymer nanocomposites

27.based on the three-phase material model, the moduli of Poss unit are calculated from neat Poss material.

28.Poss, lindsay g. wilson and mark t. keating found that the zebrafish can naturally regenerate its own heart.

29.polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane ( Poss) is a cage-type inorganic/ organic hybrid molecular.

30.the development of Poss/ polymers composite materials were also summarized, as well as their synthesis methods.

31.the synthesis of monofunctional polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane and the preparation and characterization of Poss/ epoxy composites

32.i want it done as soon as Poss really.

33.synthesis and the study on properties of Poss/ ps composites

34.the results showed that: Poss-pcl-pnipam micelles with core-shell structure had regular spherical structure.

35.the significance and application of reinforcement of conventional polymers by Poss are reviewed.

36.five kinds of multifunctional polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane ( Poss) were synthesized.

37.in this paper, the synthesis methods of Poss are introduced, and the applications of Poss-based hybrid materials in the fields such as photoelectric materials, flame retardance of polymer an.

38.study on the properties of excellent heat resistant resin modified by polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane ( Poss); the drugs put women at double the risk of blood clots.

39.loi and the tga results showed that the flame-retardant properties and thermal stability properties of silane self-crosslinked lldpe material can be significantly improved by adding Poss to the system.

40.structure and processing properties of Poss/ silicone rubber composite