Positivity Sentence Examples | Use Positivity in a sentence

1.keep in mind that many candidates have experienced the same hardships, but they bring Positivity to their interviews.

2.the aim of my club is bring something interesting for the children, and enhances (improve) their Positivity.

3.in the elementary school english teaching, elementary student's determinacy and Positivity to a large extent affect by mood and interest at that time.

4.this paper analyzes the Positivity and negativity of the concealed evaluation system of master degree thesis and expatiates how to improve and optimize this system.

5.the lifespan development of Positivity effects in cognition

6.one's work Positivity plays a key role in finishing the task successfully.

7.while how much the students are satisfied with the union greatly affect the Positivity of students to take part in it, and the normal operation of associations.

8.this Positivity is reflected right across the art and antiques sector, with all areas experiencing rising sales prices.

9.the limbic brain picks up the Positivity, which will make the interviewer comfortable, wood says.

10.the name of the game is human relations and Positivity rules above all so it's fair to say ups is doing a good job on social media.

11.yellow evokes Positivity, sunshine and cowardice.

12.Positivity like this could help the company move from stern business network to lively communications platform in 2013.

13.i'm happy, so i am healthy: happiness tends to instill Positivity towards life goals including a healthy mind and healthy relationships.

14.i know the treatment is helping her but i cant help but think that its also all of the Positivity and how everyones rooting for her and inspired by her.

15.the Positivity and negativity are also very obvious about its political thought which independent;

16.to put them on a platform of Positivity.

17.dreaming about all the great things that you can achieve is the key to a life filled with Positivity.

18.Positivity is a virtue that may or may not naturally occur in everyone.

19.enhancing coalition of patent pools is very significant to boost the independent r& d Positivity of chinese enterprises.

20.Positivity and long time behavior of solutions for a degenerate parabolic equation

21.that Positivity is not just contagious; it makes people want to work with you.

22.experts say it is important to associate Positivity with sleeping.

23.my presentation is going to be about sex-Positivity and what sex educators can do to overcome negative beliefs about sex.

24.over the course of the day, slip your colleagues three compliments, and watch the Positivity ripple out across the office.

25.results brain storming can effectively improve the nurses Positivity, as a result, nursing quality is effectively enhanced.

26.while some people have inborn Positivity, others may have to train their minds and cultivate it.

27.light a candle, close your eyes, and take a few minutes each day to invite Positivity into your day.

28.benchmarking can inspire effectively the initiativity, Positivity and creativity of the staff in hotels, and improve the staff study ability.

29.conclusion health education in induction of labor can arose Positivity of women with induction of labor and improve their life quality.

30.hik1083 Positivity was limited to gas and mda, indicating relative specificity for tumors with gastric mucin expression.

31.in some situations this might be true, but the Positivity or negativity of our words and thoughts still affect us.

32.here are a few things i suggest you try to jump-start your productivity by adding some Positivity.

33.results pdca cycle improved teachers for teaching Positivity and clinical teaching satisfaction, and so did the students for overall nursing capacity.

34.they are not public people so i won't share details here, but i did want to send out my love, respect and honor and thought i might be cheeky and ask you to send any left over Positivity you have to j and s.

35.although we're very sensitive to the negative, we start out a little above the average in Positivity.

36.feel the energies of Positivity flowing through you.

37.third, take the method of self-study guidance and the method of asking to mobilize the Positivity of the students.

38.your ripple energy therapy is Positivity.

39.theres an innate sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and Positivity associated with giving and helping.

40.he wondered, if illness can be caused by negativity, can wellness be created by Positivity he decided to make an experiment of himself.