Positivist Sentence Examples | Use Positivist in a sentence

1.the methodology of new analytical Positivist jurisprudence, the famous user of which is hart is the typical example.

2.Positivist historiography plays an important role in the development of chinese historiography.

3.this paper emphasis that the Positivist study of decision making in the part tend to prefer rational analysis to intuitive approach.

4.a Positivist study on relevant factors to facilities for mass fitness in zhejiang province

5.we examine culture and its Positivist treatment in the foreign direct investment literature using the theoretical and real - world lenses.

6.from a point of view of self-reflection, habermas has revealed the relation of knowledge to interest, criticized the Positivist epistemology and its view of science and paved the road to the construction of basis of social critical theory.

7.the study of ie in the us employs mainly Positivist and multi-disciplinary approaches.

8.this criticism, aesthetically, is based upon kantian aesthetics and Positivist aesthetics. it's also a centralized reflection of the anthropological stand of apriorism.

9.besides, this thesis analyzes the development rules of Positivist historiography in each phase.

10.through Positivist research, scholars have proved the important part women's colleges have played in training female talents.

11.however, naturalist literature is contrary to Positivist philosphy in terms of social cognition and the retroaction of literature to society and nature.

12.on research methods, he has introduced Positivist method into comparative education research, and has set a new direction of comparative education research paradigm.

13.now it is perhaps the Positivist's turn to beat a hasty retreat.

14.classical sociology emerges as a reaction to this form of Positivist scientific thought.

15.post-modern jurisprudence is the legal trend of important influence after natural jurisprudence, Positivist jurisprudence, sociological jurisprudence.

16.for a long time, the materialistic dialectics has been substantialized and Positivist, being separated from the actuality.

17.this paper, using economic and Positivist analysis, studies the swindling act about information disclosure in china's securities markets.

18.in the history of legal ideology, fact-value dichotomy represents criticism and negation of analytical Positivist jurisprudence to natural jurisprudence.

19.to encourage Positivist research, empirical research, follow-up investigation as well as fundamental research;

20.if you are a "Positivist" or "think positively" and also hold a non-dualistic philosophy, these two paths seem to conflict with each other.

21.in terms of the Positivist approach, one can compare two models of the universe.

22.anti Positivist sociology, contrary to Positivist sociology, maintains that ethic should be included in the sociological study.

23.the article gives a comprehensive evaluation to the russian privatization from a Positivist approach.

24.case as a research tool refers to case study, which is a Positivist and qualitative method.

25.consider what follows from the Positivist view.

26.especially by introducing natural science into historiography, chinese Positivist historiography promoted the scientific process of historiography.

27.first, through analysis on hsu's composition, the author explains the reasons why hsu regarded wang as a logical Positivist .

28.political culture is the result of post-behaviorism of Positivist politics in the development history of politics.

29.the contributions of gerda lerner to feminist history are her theoretic thinking on feminist history as well as her microscopic Positivist study.

30.pure jurisprudence, advocated by kelson, is the major school in western analytical Positivist jurisprudence.

31.we may, however, suspect that the Positivist is reshaping definitions in order to exclude the international-law case, rather than to arrive at a general definition of law.

32.chapter two, after hume denying the view of the natural law science, analyzes how analytical-Positivist jurisprudence replied.

33.chapter three discusses values and limitations of Positivist descriptive study of translation by cultural school.

34.a Positivist study of the utilization of the educational resources of the civilian-run non-schooling record higher education institution of beijing city

35.this criticism, aesthetically, is based upon kantian aesthetics and Positivist aesthetics.

36.the third was the Positivist period, when the system of knowledge tended toward a quantifiable concept.

37.the Positivist research of check-up system of the civil servants in fuling district in chongqing

38.the Positivist analysis for the present conditions of the informationization of higher education in china.

39.the development of chinese Positivist historiography is a miniature of the modernization of chinese Positivist historiography.