Positiveness Sentence Examples | Use Positiveness in a sentence

1.unlike most other rock bands, they are full of sunshine, health and Positiveness, instead of decadence, wildness or rage.

2.purpose: to evaluate the characteristics of ultrasound biomicroscopy ( ubm) image and the rate of Positiveness of diagnosis for foreign bodies in siderosis.

3.this paper thinks that the issue of the evaluating criterions of good self-concept is an extremely important theoretical issue. it presents 4 criterions of good self-concept: Positiveness of self-concept, complexity of self-concept, harmonization of self-concept, clarity and definiteness of self-concept.

4.try to instill happiness, peace, encouragement, health, Positiveness in every conversation.

5.the Positiveness of autocovariance matrix of stationary sequence

6.Positiveness . being upbeat usually elicits a positive response. encouragement and sincere compliments are always appreciated.

7.by using the method of acident tree analysis, we can make safety managing work change from passiveness to Positiveness, from disposal after accidents to prevention before accidents, and nip in the bud really.

8.the clinical diagnostic value of tma and tga Positiveness in thyroid diseases

9.the results showed: ( 1) 60 of 90 olp cases had Positiveness of hp, and there was significant difference comparing with control group ( p < 0 01);

10.the paper introduces the advantage of the new way of enterprise marketing& reputation marketing, uses examples and related investigation to analyse the Positiveness and effectiveness of this marketing way, and elaborates on the concrete measures of reputation marketing.

11.to prevent warmth, all expressions of Positiveness in opinions, or direct contradiction, were after some time made contraband.

12.although his words are harsh, there is Positiveness in them.

13.two notes on Positiveness judgement of matrix in linear complementarity problem

14.they are mostly lack of Positiveness psychologically. the psychological source must be found so that they will stop wanting to command.

15.the term structure of interest rates: theories, models and Positiveness

16.she answered my question with Positiveness.

17.in addition, Positiveness of consumer prior expectations directly affects perceived persuasiveness of evidence.

18.red is a warm, impulsive and strong colour, high symbolises the spirits of vitality, Positiveness , enthusiasm, warmth and progress.

19.it helps enterprises to realize their target profit forcast and actual profits, helps to change these two realizing processes from passiveness into Positiveness and maximizes enterprises profits.

20.the little girl answered my question with Positiveness.

21.results: one hundred and three students were found to be strongly positive after ppd intradermal test, the rate of strong Positiveness was 3.72%.

22.the four factors of the learning strength growth are the tranguility, Positiveness, tenacity of the learning labour and the activity of the learning thought.

23.so that controversies, wranglings, disputes, and Positiveness, in false or dubious propositions, are evils unknown among the houyhnhnms.

24.in face of harder and harder competitions in the times of rapid development, small and medium sized enterprises(" sme") rely greatly on the Positiveness and self-initiation of their staff to secure their competitiveness and sustainable development.

25.Positiveness of acid-fast stains of urinary sediment and specificity of b-ultrasonography were low.

26.the elements with national specific property, such as politics, economy, thoughts, culture and so on, have advancement and Positiveness, but also have limitation, narrowness and negative.

27.the paper points out that the research to entrepreneurial function has undergone a spiral process of Positiveness, negation, negation's negation in the realm of dominant economics.

28.it is good for fully impulsion Positiveness of all social aspects, and speeding civilization and mergence of cities and counties.

29.compared with culture, civilization has characteristics of Positiveness, universality and integrity in nature.

30.on Positiveness of nationalism

31.secondly, emphasizing social capital, like physical capital and intellectual capital, to be a neuter noun in general, only showing its Positiveness and negativeness when it being on different levels and being acted on different subjects;

32.results music and dance can make patients to be better in mood and behavior, and increase patients 'Positiveness and improve patients' negative symptoms.

33.mucous membrane from gastric antrum was taken and cultured, and found that 136 cases of 226 patients were hp positive and the rate of Positiveness was 60.18%.

34.the development of the concept of ideology has been in a winding course since it was firstly put forward by tracy, the sense of the concept waving between Positiveness and negative.

35.in addition, Positiveness of consumer prior experctations directly affects perceived persuasiveness of evidence.

36.traditional social capital modern social capital, social capital Positiveness social capital negativeness, ethical contract legal contract, traditional trust modern trust, purposive reciprocity purposeless reciprocity, etc.