Positively Sentence Examples | Use Positively in a sentence

1.you have to think Positively and plan.

2.and if you find this tire iron, you can Positively identify it as the murder weapon?

3.china is Positively studying ratifying the protocol and stands ready to join efforts with other parties to promote its early entry in force.

4.negativity in close relationship can indeed improve the relationship Positively.

5.i would go so far as to say it's Positively neurotic.

6.chitin is the only one Positively charged nature of the edible animals, cellulose is different from the normal diet food.

7.he's changed since he came back — he seems Positively cheerful

8.parents are Positively encouraged to be at school whenever possible.

9.the bathroom, with its ancient facilities, is Positively arctic.

10.you should think Positively all the time.

11.what was learned ( Positively and negatively) about the technologies and methodologies used?

12.father auberon's academy club Positively heaved with dashing young men.

13.specifically, the self-promotion and intimidation strategies were Positively related to anxiety and insomnia;

14.inflation and expected inflation rates are all Positively associated with assets liabilities ratio and debt maturity structure.

15.the market's response was different because it had been in fear mode for so long that it was ready to interpret such action Positively.

16.raplh: like i said, sam., this is Positively the last time i deal with cheap companies.

17.a solution of this salt is squirted into another salt solution made of large, Positively charged organic ions bound to small negative ones.

18.stephanie: absolutely. i appreciated the feedback. i notice you responded Positively to our price and value.

19.the greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him Positively.

20.the report says that if the dalai lama responds Positively, the next round of talks would be held by the end of this year.

21.human but who has the confidence, will invest Positively into the work and the study.

22.i dare not Positively assert it, as he has been lost for so long a time.

23.he's not just fat. he's Positively gross!

24.this is Positively the last chance for the industry to establish such a system.

25.to be flexible, responding quickly and Positively to changing requirements including the performance of any tasks requested.

26.describe a situation in which you were able to Positively influence the actions of others in a desired direction.

27.barrow was Positively obsequious to me until he learnt that i too was the son of a labouring man.

28.this is Positively the worst thing that i can even imagine

29.job control was significantly negatively related to emotional exhaustion but Positively related to general health.

30.but can i say that Positively.

31.acids produce Positively charged hydrogen atoms when dissolved in water.

32.i'm Positively full. i have no more room.

33.explain how globalization affects chinese business, both Positively and negatively.

34.hoped that the general students register Positively, display their talent, here can be very good unfolds your stage.

35.the expectant mothers that amy had encountered Positively glowed with pride.

36.if you are still unable to come out of stress, turn to the counselor who can help you to take control of your life and to live Positively.

37.cats Positively revel in heat, whether natural or man-made.

38.they are likely to respond Positively to the president's request for aid

39.if we think Positively, office love can be beneficial to company.

40.we have Positively participated in performance match last month.