Positive Sentence Examples | Use Positive in a sentence

1.children who have a Positive self-image are less likely to present behaviour and discipline problems.

2.we live in a world of duality, day and night, Positive and negative, male and female, etc.

3.we're all for making things easy on people trying to eat right, and an easy-to-understand labeling system is a Positive step.

4.having a good diet gives me a sense that i'm doing something Positive and that i'm in control.

5.there was no Positive evidence that any birth defects had arisen as a result of vitamin a intake.

6.this research has been in progress since 1961 and has yielded a great number of Positive results

7.however, both solana and jalili said the meeting was Positive and constructive and had promoted understanding of each other's positions.

8.a Positive pregnancy test soon confirmed her intuitive feelings.

9.instead, try to think of a Positive reason that he might have for acting the way he did.

10.china is ready to continue playing a Positive role for the comprehensive, long-term and proper settlement of the iranian nuclear issue.

11.i adopted a Positive outlook on life

12.her husband became much more Positive and was soon back in full-time employment.

13.this action lets you expand the lens of the mind, therefore you are able to see more Positive aspects of your current reality.

14.he was stripped of his olympic title after testing Positive for anabolic steroids.

15.be Positive about your future and get on with living a normal life

16.it's really a simple numbers game with negative and Positive numbers.

17.there are Positive changes that should be implemented in the rearing of animals

18.immunohistochemistry staining results showed that there was a successive Positive expression strap between the chondrocytes and sis.

19.'she's never late. you sure she said eight?' — 'Positive.'

20.if you want to improve your situation you must adopt a Positive mental attitude.

21.the windermere golf club is proof Positive that golf and ecology can co-exist in perfect harmony.

22.there's been a Positive response to the un secretary-general's recent peace efforts.

23.working abroad should be an exciting and Positive experience for all concerned.

24.i think there are many Positive aspects to being a twin

25.he was expected to make a very Positive contribution to the 1996 games organisation

26.good day to you, bernard! it's a Positive delight to see you

27.can you be Positive about what you saw?

28.one of the simplest and quickest ways to turn a negative and sour mood into a more Positive one is to be grateful.

29.it can be very easy to indulge in self-pity, blame and anger; appreciating what you have will help you stay Positive.

30.the man was being a Positive embarrassment.

31.we need a Positive programme of crime prevention.

32.cnn: at the time one of your studies was published, there was a belief that outdoor light had a Positive effect on vision.

33.he was in a Positive fury

34.if the test is Positive, a course of antibiotics may be prescribed

35.pupils should be helped to adopt a Positive approach to the environment.

36.the parting from his sister had a Positive effect on john

37.take two coloured pens and underline the Positive and negative words.

38.how happy and Positive one wants to feel is often to a large degree a choice.

39.we share his view that business can be a Positive force for change

40.i'm as Positive as i can be about it