Positional Sentence Examples | Use Positional in a sentence

1.the study on Positional space of rope tractive parallel mechanism was carried out in this paper.

2.the brazilian side had made eight changes, six of them Positional.

3.here's another example that combines Positional parameters and keyword arguments

4.our own numeral system is an example of a Positional numeral system with base 10.

5.it was more than likely that much of the Positional information displayed on maps was obsolete or inaccurate.

6.each public constructor for an attribute class defines a valid sequence of Positional parameters for that class.

7.each space-delimited string on the command line becomes a Positional parameter, including the name of the script being invoked.

8.mobile warfare is primary, but we do not reject Positional warfare where it is possible and necessary.

9.the Positional control is associated with a critical plc application.

10.traversal string: all Positional ( unnamed) parameters must precede any named parameters.

11.note that the xml data model does not define a Positional order among the attributes of an element.

12.the manager has made no Positional changes for the second game.

13.in both the cases, however, the response is determined by the Positional correspondence.

14.the set-authenticodesignature cmdlet takes the name of the file to be signed as its first Positional parameter.

15.as you've already seen, traversal and direct access require Positional knowledge of the articles.

16.so we can activate Positional genomes.

17.without the two Positional operators, user names of arbitrary length would erroneously be accepted.

18.the shift command removes Positional parameters from left to right.

19.xml-rpc only understands regular Positional arguments and arguments with default values.

20.the next block finds the dash arguments in the list of Positional arguments.

21.in a Positional notation, a zero in a more significant digit place than the digit place of the most significant nonzero digit of a numeral.

22.load carrying ability, for example, is subordinate to Positional accuracy and low friction considerations.

23.oppose fixed battle lines and Positional warfare, and favour fluid battle lines and mobile warfare.

24.note that the-n option is Positional.

25.he has a great first touch, superb Positional sense and dogged determination to get to the ball ahead of a defender.

26.the list interface provides four methods for Positional ( indexed) access to list elements.

27.rafa wants me to become a defensive midfielder and to understand the role and the Positional side of things.

28.the influence of point cloud resolution to Positional accuracy and ranging precision is analyzed through experiments;

29.a Positional system of numeration that uses octal digits and a radix of 8.

30.finally, the math model of Positional restriction of assembling fixture, arithmetic for assembling operation and fixture assembling technology based on restriction are discussed.

31.Positional and attitude error dynamics model of small satellite relative to a target satellite was derived, then the desired relative orbit and desired attitude of small satellite were designed.

32.abstract: objective to explore the etiological factors of benign paroxysmal Positional vertigo ( bppv).

33.re-adjusts to any Positional change of the body and re-moulds within just 10 seconds.

34.the team did have problems in their Positional play and covering.

35.we have had considerable experience in defeating the enemy by such Positional warfare;

36.winter, if located Positional light is darker, should maintain low temperature, do not water, and keep dry, can decay otherwise.

37.we should by all means advocate Positional attack or defence when circumstances require and permit it.

38.the getopt unix utility scans the Positional parameters for the named arguments you specify.