Position Sentence Examples | Use Position in a sentence

1.adjust the aerial's Position and direction for the best reception.

2.this conservatory enjoys an enviable Position overlooking a leafy expanse.

3.mr. dambar had raised himself to a sitting Position.

4.some 28,000 us troops are moving into Position.

5.i have no idea for changing my Position.

6.a person close to bofa said selling more of the cbc stake would have made little difference to the bank's capital Position.

7.men have created a social and economic Position of advantage for themselves over women.

8.williams has confirmed his Position as the world's number one snooker player.

9.mr howard is afraid to state his true Position on the republic, which is that he is opposed to it.

10.the ship was identified, and its name and Position were reported to the coastguard

11.this second door is an extra security measure and can be locked in Position during the day

12.i would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this Position with you at your convenience, as it sounds like an exciting opportunity.

13.syntactic movement: syntactic movement occurs when a constituent in a sentence moves out of its original place to a new Position.

14."qaddafi doesn't have the power, he doesn't have the Position to leave, " he said, referring to himself.

15.it was not the only time he found himself in this Position.

16.money, fame and social Position have no interest for him.

17.based on what i've told you, don't you think that i could give you all that you need in this Position?

18.agassi and sampras resumed their battle for the world's no. 1 Position, both winning their opening matches

19.the un system will be in a Position to support the extensive relief efforts needed

20.i am not in a Position to comment.

21.this has forced the united states to seriously reconsider its Position

22.abeautiful woman is often able to climb up to a higher social class by marrying a man with education, wealth or Position.

23.i work in a government office. it's a responsible Position, i suppose, but not very exciting

24.i am in a Position to save you a good deal of time.

25.it is no doubt a Position we need to strengthen and i have listed 15 below who have been linked with liverpool since the site launched.

26.ensure the patient is turned into the recovery Position

27.when god brings any of his children into a Position of unparalleled difficulty, they may always count upon him to deliver them.

28.he had taken up a Position in the centre of the room

29.beijing guoan contested the group stage of the acl this year and are in a strong Position to qualify for the tournament for a second time.

30.he could be depended on to take a moderate Position on most of the key issues

31.place the pastry circles on to a baking sheet and Position one apple on each circle.

32.Position trailing plants near the edges and in the sides of the basket to hang down

33.each side set forth its Position on this question.

34.companies should be made to reveal more about their financial Position

35.by the ninth hour the car was running in eighth Position.

36.as a result of these reasons, i attended the exam of this officeholder, entered oneself for an examination secretary this Position.

37.he left a career in teaching to take up a Position with the arts council

38.she tried to maneuver her body into a more comfortable Position.

39.he's going to be in a very difficult Position indeed if things go badly for him