Positing Sentence Examples | Use Positing in a sentence

1.objective: in order to afford the reference for clinically Positing the height of bracket bonded, the cusp height of normal occlusion model and the height of bracket bonded be measured.

2.but dualism doesn't so much offer the explanation typically as just say," well, maybe we'd be better off Positing something immaterial. "

3.effects of Positing extraperitoneal u-type latex drainage strip after gastrointestinal surgery on the healing courses of incision

4.after all, she is the one Positing the "inverse relationship"① between the notions of being chinese and being foreign.

5.development and application of global Positing system receiver

6.Positing and control system of stock lines for blast furnace

7.the existing methods of Positing fouling point and teleseme are introduced simply.

8.the operation included: simplified preperitoneal repairing through the previous incision, exposing the structure of the inguinal canal, freeing the preperitoneal space, Positing a patch of marlex mesh.

9.the newtonian hypothesis consisted in Positing that the astral turning is the same as falling.

10.vehicles can be guided by navigation system with both real-time updatable digital maps and gps Positing signal, at the same time all kinds of information can be provided to the drivers.

11.once it is clear that we can explain their origin without Positing a metaphysical world, he expects the interest in such a world to die out.

12.the Positing method of the turn point when the land boundary moving in parallel how footwear affects the kinematics and dynamics of three-dimensional human gait

13.choosing the path of Positing convert; ( dijkstra) optimalpath arithmetic on the basis of chart theory and realize optimal path analyze.

14.we were Positing this as a way to go after adobe and the designer market.

15.the second-order ionospheric effect can be corrected and the Positing accuracy can be increased through these models. at the same time, these models supply the strong support in other gps techniques such as separating error sources in gps, cycle slip detection and etc.

16.for they were Positing nothing but eternal men, nor are the platonists making the forms anything other than eternal sensible things.

17.so here the being monism is used to refute value dualism, understanding the latter as by definition Positing being dualism.

18.the habitat selection of sables ( martes zibellina) in winter was studied by radio-tracking and gps ( global Positing system) in daxing 'anling mountains, china.

19.the whole control software is used for viewing of important data and status, servo driving, robot moving planning, object searching, Positing and simulating.

20.digital geography traffic information service was required of rendering network map, Positing vehicles and intelligent traffic system which are realtime update, accurate and detailed because of the increasing growth of the vehicles.

21.at first the characteristic of lighting intensity is analyzed. the optimization models of Positing street lamps are present.

22.the rule for material Positing, identifying and marking.

23.the base and general consideration for optimizing system for networking management of archives information in hospital should be based on the practical work of hospital and department, then it needs a correct Positing for the construction of networking management of archives in hospital.

24.companies that learn to manager change are in the best Positing to continue to take the? risks needed to stay out in font.

25.research and realizing of mutil-stars syn-examining algorithm in wide field of view celestial Positing

26.the other is urging an alternative emendation which involves Positing a new category of particles with mass.

27.afterward this paper evaluated the establishment of tourist destination brand, involving brand Positing 、 establishment of the key value of brand and brand designing, and so on.

28.language acquisition could not be explained with the resources of the classical theory of condition, and required the Positing of innate representational structures governed by rules? noam chomsky.

29.the other important detail that needs to be said is that the researchers are not Positing a causal link.

30.another hallmark of string theory is the Positing of additional dimensions.

31.try to make the material sucking tube in a slant Positing and avoid zigzags which will affect the transmission performance of the machine.

32.the author analyze the value-chain of commercial bank, the cost driver of commercial bank, and how to Positing bank's strategy.

33.method: thirty patients were treated through posterior disc excision, spinal canal decompression and interbody fusion with cage Positing and pedicle screw fixation.

34.sigmund freud provided perhaps the most ingenious explanation for the apparently irrational nature of taboos, Positing that they were generated by ambivalent social attitudes and in effect represent forbidden actions for which there nevertheless exists a strong unconscious inclination.

35.based on the analysis of the otc market structure, the paper works out some countermeasures in the aspects of Positing, marketing network and brand mangement.

36.this thesis constructs the theoretical paradigm and operational mechanism. it explains the process of corporate adaptive growth, and expounds the Positing theory of niche and marketing selection during the course of corporate adaptive growth.