Posited Sentence Examples | Use Posited in a sentence

1.blizzard could have programmed not only the consequences that would be predicted by a bleeding-heart liberal, but those Posited by a neocon.

2.darwin Posited, back in 1872, that making changes in our facial expressions can shift our emotional experience, something he called facial feedback response theory.

3.in africa, china has chosen the cultural strategic approach as Posited by alastair johnson the accommodation strategy to advance it national interests.

4.heidegger Posited that modern science was based on the priori schema of world's ante-science and ante-theory.

5.in this thesis, modernity is a category of culture and aesthetics, referring to the aesthetic modernity Posited by the 20th century modernist culture and art.

6.by analyzing the characteristics about the range of the two sides, i Posited that it was in the form of relatively free of the range of opposing righteousness in "zhouyi". at the same time, i have discussed the reasons for this situation.

7.the truth, indeed, is that nature is Posited by spirit, and spirit itself in turn, uses nature as its presupposition.

8.it has been Posited that if all the oreos produced since thuesen's purchase could be stacked atop one another they would reach the moon four times.

9.in many ways, the study won't surprise proponents of breast-feeding, who have long Posited a connection between nursing and cognition and now have an additional piece of research to back up their argument.

10.first, are the appraisal-emotion relationships Posited by smith and lazarus the dominant relationships?

11.he Posited three basic laws of nature.

12.the primary importance and level of existence of chakras is therefore Posited to be in the psyche and in the spirit.

13.quantity is pure being in which determinacy is no longer Posited as one with being itself, but as sublated or indifferent.

14.this concept of the pivot is Posited not only to be in american interests but is also the supposed preference of most asian nations.

15.the typical household income Posited by one commentator for the coping class is 88000 a year, well into the top decile of uk earnings.

16.to have analyzed and Posited three models of the curve for valid strings;

17.if the organization have no ability to control the market which Posited would lead to failure.

18.plato, aristotle, and thomas hobbes Posited the superiority theory of humor, which states that we find the misfortune of others amusing.

19.once the stars sputtered out, the scientists Posited, the remaining gas would collapse under its own gravity into an infinitely dense point.

20.several writers have Posited the idea of a universal consciousness

21.if the spine is not properly Posited and surface reconstructed, the so-called computer description of clinical value will be limited.

22.shutdown structure Posited between heating interval and buffering-separating interval and measures for absorption of vibration of the bump are the designing key.

23.an idea of the circulating fluidized bed with low velocity fore Posited branch bed has been put forward, and tested by an aerodynamic experiment in the cold model.

24.this year, rhizome organized an online group show called'professional surfer'that took the prosaic idea of bookmarking web pages and Posited it as art.

25.the results showed that the detection system can achieve the heat wave excitation, infrared image acquisition and image processing, precise Posited the turbine blade cracks, and completed the design requirements.

26.in an attempt to go beyond husserl's essentialist approach, his pupil martin heidegger Posited an existential theory of hermeneutics in being and time.

27.progress is the eternal as eternity and is Posited on action not inaction through inane waiting.

28.sacconaghi and others have Posited theories, but while they may account for part of the answer, none fully answer the mystery.

29.to define the other as the locus of the word, is to say that its nothing other than the locus where an assertion is Posited as veracious.

30.this having been Posited, nothing is resolved, since the psychoanalytic experience itself must be oriented, otherwise it goes astray.

31.anthropologists and feminist theorists remind us that theory travels, knowledge is Posited, subjects localized, communities and public spheres diasporic and globalized.

32.when you Posited p you stepped into a snare; your assumption has led you right into my lair.

33.a sharp slowdown in china, triggered by a property crash, is Posited as one possible threat to investor confidence.

34.it could be confirmation that the "hardware trojans" long Posited by some security experts are indeed a real threat.

35.the relationship plato Posited between philosophy and political power changed from early to middle and middle to late dialogues.

36.this way, he Posited, capital would become increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few.

37.the teaching Posited at the teacher-student communication, positive interaction and common development process by the new curriculum.