Posit Sentence Examples | Use Posit in a sentence

1.Posit the notion that you could be living the same day over and over.

2.while her work does not Posit an overt political statement, it originates from a desire to respo nd to the contemporary situation of mexican americans by expressing Positive images of their culture.

3.on the other side of the debate are dual-mechanism approaches which Posit that regular verb forms are computed in a rule-processing system while irregular verbs are processed in associative memory.

4.one group of arguments for the existence of a soul says," we need to Posit a soul in order to explain something, whether it's something everyday or something supernatural. "

5.well, at least he did Posit it as a question of right and wrong.

6.he thought that all knowledge was probability, only was presumed by Posit and induction was the way in finding the best Posit.

7.these ecologists Posit that the relatively steady populations have "density-dependent" growth parameters;

8.analysts Posit several explanations for the unexpected resilience of the aussie.

9.further, if we are to Posit besides the forms and the sensibles the intermediates between them, we shall have many difficulties.

10.what you need to do is to Posit your claim and the gift is yours.

11.however, one could Posit that the monster might be made out of significantly stronger materials than anything found in known earthly organisms;

12.under each of the following models, what would we expect the learners to Posit as the value for r at the start of their l2 acquisition?

13.those people who Posit patriotism and globalization as mutually exclusive have at least committed one fallacy.

14.basically that the various arguements that might be offered for believing in souls don't seem very compelling upon examinations so there's no good reason to Posit this extra entity.

15.in contrast to a trend in western culture to Posit a radical duality between the body and the mind, the buddha saw the human mind and body as intimately interconnected.

16.i can only Posit a theory, but i tend to blame the higher rate of mortifying sex scenes in novels by men on the nature of their fantasies.

17.when we Posit an intention we just decide which of these speakers it is.

18.working out reasonable plans for Posit performance and deepening the reform of distribution system in hospitals

19.three spanish scientists Posit that the observed acceleration of the expanding cosmos is an illusion caused by the slowing of time.

20.for another, they Posit that the people who have made losses in current conditions have a strong incentive to correct their mistakes the next time and therefore that many government actions have been counterproductive by shielding actors from the consequences of their mistakes.

21.so in the spirit of inquiry, and building on an internal review of our own development programs, let me Posit four sets of problems that merit future research.

22.some Posit that gender identity is firmly fixed at a very young age; others argue that this identity can be very fluid for many years.

23.historical linguists Posit a common ancestor from which both romance and germanic languages descend.

24.at the confirmatory study stage, we conduct a case study on a leading foundry and collect data from the real system usage and transactional records to test the hypotheses we Posit.

25.some Posit that gender identity is firmly fixed at a very young age;

26.if we Posit that wage rises cause inflation, it follows that we should try to minimize them.

27.we should Posit unemployees, strengen the supporting system construction of laborers, employment and social security.

28.callahan Posits that chemical elements radiate electromagnetic signals.

29.nevertheless, we might still be able to Posit three major differences between chinese and western ideas of history.

30.if you Posit this idea to any of the company's top executives, they'll dismiss it.

31.that could be because happier young adults are more likely to earn a college degree, get hired and promoted, be more optimistic and less neurotic, the researchers Posit.

32.and likewise, the fact of the matter is this: there is a serious disconnect between the south korean public historical consciousness and what most impartial scholars Posit as korean history.

33.i would Posit that it would increase risk-averse behavior -- particularly if this kind of trade war roiled financial markets.

34.the deep-seated causes they Posit seem largely to have been missed by contemporaries, for whom – with very few exceptions – the war came as a complete surprise.

35.whether we are awake or dreaming interpret nerve impulses and Posit causes for them according to their own needs.

36.several writers have Posited the idea of a universal consciousness

37.Posit: peopie think a bank might be financially shaky.

38.here in part 1, the authors Posit a set of extensions to dita xml that provide the starting point for a unifying content model for learning.

39.i'm going to Posit that he's probably out to avenge the murder of his wife.