Posing Sentence Examples | Use Posing in a sentence

1.hingis came to britain in1997, Posing with a large no.1 made of tennis balls.

2.i put myself through med school by Posing in my underwear.

3.we've been Posing the following question.

4.the booming internet industry is Posing a huge challenge to microsoft.

5.morpheus contacts neo just as the machines (Posing as sinister 'agents') are trying to keep neo from finding out any more.

6.and when riley figured out what was going on, that jesse had been Posing as a school counselor;

7.whatever the reason, it is Posing an additional burden on all concerned.

8.the differences would grow with time, Posing challenges to international governance of such interventions.

9.i saw him out Posing in his new sports car.

10.patients caught up in emergencies are especially vulnerable, Posing special issues for reality shows.

11.all those campaign stops on the factory floor, Posing beside muscular men in overalls and hard hats, seem to have paid off.

12.particularly in taiwan, where the rich and the powerful are Posing as role models, people have learned that selfishness seems to pay.

13.it is at least the second occasion on which the afghans have been duped by people Posing as taliban envoys.

14.you think he's currently Posing as military.

15.the reflection on teaching of mathematics situations and Posing problems in high schools and primary schools;

16.please note that this system does not guarantee the holding of every Posing or self-standing.

17.a situation Posing many questions and problems;

18.she's always Posing, never natural in her behaviour.

19.and while there were no autographs, there was a lot of Posing and playing.

20.in2011, labor shortages and worker retention challenges are Posing two of the grestest challenges to factories.

21.once more the question which i have been Posing from the start arises.

22.nigel: come on angel, let me introduce you to the press. sorry mike no boyfriends allowed. [Posing and mumbling] baby. . . hm. baby.

23.you Posing for the brochure?

24.Posing for the camera pleased him more than anything else. no doubt with the ulterior object of catching votes.

25.but in recent year, many ecological disaster events has been initiated by aquatic organisms from foreign area, Posing serious threat to ecological environment security.

26.he criticized them for dressing outrageously and Posing pretentiously.

27.one of the terrorists was Posing as a hostage.

28.we are often used to see hollywood starlets Posing gracefully in magazines, appearing in feminine, glamorous pictorials.

29.it's a phantom, waiting out there, Posing a danger to our entire fleet.

30.police are theorizing that the killers may be Posing as hitchhikers

31.most leave the uk shortly after receiving their qualification, Posing no threat to british jobseekers.

32.attract attention by displaying some body part or Posing; of animals.

33.it is comforting, slightly, that the regime is still at least a few years away from Posing an immediate threat.

34.this is my stage. i am the queen of Posing.

35.this bond has allowed him to pull off the remarkable trick of Posing as the leader of the opposition to his own incompetent government.

36.however, the two gelatins are unable to be differentiated in appearance, Posing difficulties for consumers.

37.they were very popular with tourists that had been Posing for pictures with them. but it was dangerous.

38.other compositions included a group of men Posing together near the parking garage and a mixed group of men and women on another bridge.

39.this theme was selected recognizing that global climate change is Posing ever-growing threats to public health security.

40.however, speculative futures trading by day traders is Posing risks to stock investors by increasing volatility.