Posies Sentence Examples | Use Posies in a sentence

1.and i will make thee beds of roses, and then a thousand fragrant Posies .

2.there will i make thee beds of roses and a thousand fragrant Posies, a cap of flowers, and a kirtle embroider 'd all with leaves of myrtle.

3.the young bridesmaids carried Posies of spring flowers.

4.poor dear, just wait till i make my fortune, and you shall revel in carriage and ice-cream and high-heeled slippers and Posies carriages and red-headed boys to chat with.

5.ring around the roses ring around the roses , a pocket full of Posies , ashes, ashes, we all fall down .

6.family members also participated in funeral things for buddhist nuns, as well as built gray towers and wrote Posies.

7.customers paid $6 for $13 worth of products, but Posies received only $3 from every purchase after groupon took its cut, she said.

8.there sat her elderly friend, parked in a wheel chair, puttering with a row of Posies.

9.tao yuanming's Posies show very unique style and great and high attainments in citation.

10.a pocket full of Posies

11.the Posies were bunched of herbs supposed to ward off infection.

12.the book is just packed with images of bridal bouquets showing all types of american Posies .

13.thy cap, thy kirtle, and thy Posies,