Poser Sentence Examples | Use Poser in a sentence

1.that's quite a Poser!

2.hans Poser and modes of explanation of science development

3.on the engineering Poser and countermeasures of driving and crossing the pearl river with two used tbms in guangzhou metro line of no.

4.human beings infinite cognitive ability is a far unsolved Poser largely due to the shortage of physiological data.

5.removing neck dummy eliminates Poser error and correcting figure height creates less foot through floor and odd leg movement.

6.in the difficult two-solving, then the applied deformation fusion device, so that the output of Poser 6 in the sequence of frames together into a complete action, solving problems Poser action could not be exported.

7.the research is composed as follows: ( 1). exported the general face model from Poser 7.0.

8.i remember putting the familiar Poser to my father.

9.i thought he was a Poser myself for a minute.

10.after broaden admit by examination, the number of the university students rose sharply. it brings large pressures to government and social that how to settle employment of graduates in batches. getting a job for minority university students became more Poser than han university students.

11.it's also a wide interpret space and a Poser of the study of kant a priori philosophy.

12.this is an interesting Poser, although in fact i would run a mile if confronted by 10 hungry guys clamouring for my focaccia.

13.on the clock Poser and the clock paradox

14.being called arrogant is a terrible slur, it means that you're not only a failure, but a Poser as well.

15.du mu is a famous poet and Poser in the late tang dynasty.

16.accounting recognition Poser of assets-based securitization and its settlement

17.anne: carrol is such a coffee Poser, she'll only fill her mug with coffee halfway before she drowns it in milk and sugar.

18.a parametric method of 3d human body model based on Poser

19.we ought to hold the column and make the aircraft nose down to accelerate with full Poser before reach to the stall speed.

20.a stable good interest is an important internal motive force of causing and maintaining attention, and also a spiritual Poser of seeking truth.

21.here is a little Poser for you.

22.on the basis of brief introduction on production process of blast furnace, the composition, control principle and technical Poser of the pressure control system of furnace roof of blast furnace are discussed.

23.who does she think she is? a singer star? what a Poser!

24.smith Poser didn't declare publicly contradiction, but it pointed out economic person and moral person were consistent.

25.in developing capp system, the automatic generation of operation drawings is a key Poser technologically.

26.puts Poser through it's paces creating a variety of sexy stories for his cyber 3d babes site.

27.application of electric motor soft-starting in Poser plants

28.nope. it's actually a Poser for medical students, who we hope all know the correct answer.

29.the kid is such a Poser. he always tries to mimic some famous movie stars.

30.get the 3d file of a general head without fair from the modeling software Poser 6.0, and transform the data to the format adapted to the modeling needs.

31.there is something familiar in the banality of the riddle too, and in the weirdness of its Poser.

32.who was the last woman to win three olympic gold medals?& that's quite a Poser.

33.in the Poser , superman wears a pair of glass and drives a car!