Posed Sentence Examples | Use Posed in a sentence

1.the whales were too close; this Posed an immediate problem for my photography

2.when i finally Posed the question, 'why?' he merely shrugged.

3.lenders, he said, were able to judge the risk Posed by individual applicants and to price that risk accordingly.

4.i even Posed like jackie chan.

5.this brings me back to the question you Posed earlier.

6.he has also Posed a problem: how can we reverse the trend and turn the situation around?

7.this Posed a new problem before us given the severe impact of current international financial crisis.

8.bryant stood and Posed after he made the shot, his head cocked to the side, his teammates running over to chest-bump him.

9.i Posed for her today.

10.i am holding it is not easy to get the 'wages', each word Posed by the light. my heart is, but it is sick, i feel it's forehead, oh!

11.the paper mill has Posed a grave threat to the environment.

12.today, the french media are asking why "england is burning" , just as the anglo-saxon press Posed the question of paris six years ago.

13.they insist that the threat Posed by foxes to other animals has been blown out of proportion.

14.he Posed an hour there.

15.he Posed as a newsman to get in.

16.thus madoff Posed as a man beleaguered by his own generosity, who took on new clients as a favor to friends.

17.the spy was caught by a policewoman who Posed as a prostitute.

18.the present globalization of the drug issue has Posed a grave menace to human well-being and development.

19.they had already Posed the obvious questions he was suppressing.

20.before going into their meeting the six foreign ministers Posed for photographs.

21.mathematical economics refers to the application of mathematical methods to represent economic theories and analyze problems Posed in economics.

22.but this article has only answered the monitoring question the system engineer Posed.

23.he knows his direction even if he did not know ahead of time that he would have to answer the specific question Posed.

24.she has Posed a serious question that deserves a thoughtful response.

25.he Posed a serious threat to their authority.

26.she had once Posed for life classes when she was an art student.

27.the threat to international security Posed by outbreaks is an obvious example.

28.i think we can now answer the question Posed at the end of the previous chapter.

29.the operation, he said, had been a "controlled delivery" , meaning agents had Posed as traffickers to entrap the real criminals.

30.you've Posed us an awkward question.

31.mr. zoellick's remarks weren't timed to be part of a u. s. offensive; rather he answered questions Posed to him by the wall street journal.

32."i decided to do an actual calculation, " he says. "could i get all this speculation down to a well-Posed problem? "

33.this has Posed a challenge for search operators.

34.the team Posed as drug dealers to trap the ringleaders.

35.in future articles we will come back and provide a solution to some of the questions we Posed.

36.research into questions Posed by scientific theories and hypotheses.

37.the public health threat Posed by legionellosis can be addressed via preventive measures.

38.i Posed the question of whether jocasta, for her part, knew it.

39.political leaders across africa answered the challenge Posed by this dreadful disease and the results are before us.