Pose Sentence Examples | Use Pose in a sentence

1.many women achievers appear to Pose a threat to their male colleagues

2.but anybody could have created that site with a false registration, just as anybody could Pose as somebody else on a blog or facebook page.

3.these languages Pose different challenges in storing, processing, accessing, and presenting the data.

4.the skills and logistics of getting such a big show on the road Pose enormous practical problems

5.that prisoner's benevolence is a mere Pose.

6.the rise in poverty levels did not Pose a serious political challenge to the kremlin, she said.

7.especially when they Pose no threat to me and my country.

8.it said the president was assured that the device did not Pose a threat to the public.

9.both absolute and functional iron deficiencies Pose challenges for the correction of renal anemia.

10.his ill health Poses serious problems for the future.

11.this could Pose a threat to jobs in the coal industry

12.but it's not the enormous plastic patches that Pose the biggest pollution problem.

13.she struck a Pose, one hand on her hip and the other waving an imaginary cigarette.

14.the men support the ballerinas, who Pose with their uplifted arms.

15.in flood monitoring, this can Pose a real problem.

16.in class today we were standing in mountain Pose and i could feel exactly on which part of the soles my weight was resting.

17.the crested black macaque looked like he was planning a trick as he made a thoughtful Pose.

18.we have had several preliminary sittings in various Poses.

19.she'd flung herself in a Pose of melodramatic exhaustion.

20.interested customers could gawk at it, but they couldn't climb in to Pose for photo ops or to check out the upholstery.

21.she stood in the doorway, one hand above her head in a negligent Pose.

22.a strong, prosperous and developed china will Pose no threat to any countries.

23.biofuels offer huge potential, but Pose challenges best countered with strong and coherent development policies, says s.arungu-olende.

24.it's easy to see why politicians would be drawn to the populist Pose.

25.before going into their meeting the six foreign ministers Posed for photographs.

26.how did you get him to Pose for this picture?

27.you are thinking about potential dangers and hazards which may Pose a threat to yourself.

28.when i finally Posed the question, 'why?' he merely shrugged.

29.a live audience will Pose the questions

30.this can Pose a threat.

31.the extensive production and use of organophosphorus pesticides Pose a great threat to drinking water safety.

32.if there is ever a statue of him outside staples center, maybe it should be in that Pose.

33.he is always talking about his deep interest in literature, but it's just a Pose.

34.it said the tablets did not Pose any health dangers, but there was a risk of "unintended pregnancy" .

35.a woman falls asleep changing her Pose.

36.in many writers modesty is a Pose, but in ford it seems to have been genuine.

37.both these problems Pose a serious threat to agriculture, the most important sector of the region's economy.

38.the team Posed as drug dealers to trap the ringleaders.

39.china and russia once again Pose an ideological challenge to the west.