Portulaca Sentence Examples | Use Portulaca in a sentence

1.a plant of the genus Portulaca having pink or red or purple or white ephemeral flowers.

2.Portulaca grandiflora hook. 'margarita fuchsia'

3.objective: to observe the effect of Portulaca total flavone ( ptf) on cardiac function and arterial pressure of anesthetic rats.

4.objective: to study the effects of n-butanol extracts from Portulaca oleracea on the learning and memory performances of senile mice induced by d-gal and its mechanisms.

5.study of the cultivation condition and utilization of Portulaca oleracea l.

6.any of various fleshy plants of the genus Portulaca, especially p.grandiflora of south america, cultivated for its showy, colorful flowers that open only in sunlight.

7.Portulaca oleracea is a kind of wild vegetable having various nutritions and health functions.

8.results: Portulaca extracts improved the devouring percentage and index of macrophage cell and promoted the formation of hemolysin and hemolysis void the transformation of lymphocyte.

9.but Portulaca total flavone improved significantly the membrane blocking degree, the content of salivary acid increased more obviously;

10.Portulaca grandiflora hook. 'sundial tangerine'

11.study on anti-oxidative active ingredients in Portulaca

12.characteristics and cultivation techniques of Portulaca oleracea l.

13.effect of Portulaca total flavone on cardiac function and arterial pressure of anesthetic rats

14.objective: to observe the effects of Portulaca extracts towards immunitive function of normal rats.

15.Portulaca grandiflora hook. 'margarita coconut'

16.conclusion: the Portulaca water extract has the protective effect on myocardial mitochondria by inhibiting the lipid peroxidation in myocardial mitochondria and enhancing the activities of respiratory chain enzymes.

17.research on effect& mechanism of Portulaca oleracea decoction by experimental diabetic cataract in rats in vitro

18.to establish a model of oxidative damage in erythrocyte ghost induced by superoxide anion free radicals ( safr), and to study the protective action of Portulaca total flavone on oxidative damage was induced by safr which was produced by auto-oxidation of pyrogallic acid.

19.Portulaca oleracea l. has extensive perspective in application and can be studied systematically.

20.the results were as follows: 1. the red pigment in Portulaca grandiflora hook extract was identified as betacyanin by analyzing solubility properties and tlc and uv-vis scanning spectroscopy analysis, however the structure type needs further identification. 2.

21.objective: to observe the effects of the Portulaca water extract on the lipid peroxidation myocardial mitochondrial phospholipid and the activity of respiratory chain enzymes in aging model mice, and analyze the pathway of protective effect on myocardial mitochondria.

22.conclusionharvest time is the crucial factor for Portulaca oleracea on the content of polysaccharides.

23.treatment of local complication from subconjunctival injection by cold and wet application of Portulaca and phellodendron bark

24.study on extraction and ability to scavenge hydroxyl radicals for polysaccharides from Portulaca oleracea l.

25.determination of dopa in Portulaca oleracea by high performance capillary electrophoresis

26.effects of Portulaca oleracea decoction on glycosylated hemoglobin and motilin in diabetic gastroparesis rats

27.determination of flavonoids in different parts of Portulaca oleracea l.

28.the extracting rate of Portulaca grandiflora hook betacyanin was 7.44% under these conditions. 3.

29.study on the feeding value of the wide Portulaca oleracea meal in changde city

30.in this paper, ultrasonic extraction method and hot water extraction method were used for extracting polysaccharide from Portulaca oleracea.

31.studies on the antioxidant and blood lipid regulating effects of betacyanin extract from Portulaca grandiflora hook

32.primary studies on selection of self-bred lines and induction of polyploidy in mose rose ( Portulaca grandiflora. hook); breeding and application of the elite maize inbred line luyuan 92

33.study on extractive technique of the polysaccharide from Portulaca oleracea and its monosaccharide constituents analysis

34.the role of autophagy in the control of neurogenesis in the dentate gyrus after hippocampal lesion; effect of polysaccharide from Portulaca oleracea on against injury of a ββ neurocytes

35.the flavonoids from different parts of Portulaca oleracea l. were extracted, and analyzed by spectrophotometry.

36.content: uv separation gene, Portulaca grandiflora seed oil, moisture gene and lemon oil.

37.it is suggested that the total flavone is one of the compositions of Portulaca for anti-oxidation.