Portuguese Sentence Examples | Use Portuguese in a sentence

1.if you are intent on learning to speak Portuguese, there is no better place.

2.contemporary photographs are juxtaposed with a sixteenth century, copper Portuguese mirror.

3.when we were on the ship, the Portuguese captain listened to my story.

4.he did not have much interest in school, but Portuguese and english were his best subjects.

5.Portuguese water dogs, which do not shed so much hair, are said to be less aggravating to people with allergies.

6.the greek, spanish, Portuguese and italian governments all declined to comment.

7.the word 'pagoda' was introduced to europe by the 17th century Portuguese.

8.we need in french, spanish, greek, Portuguese and other languages possible.

9.i think languages are very interesting and i want to study Portuguese and chinese.

10.during that time, he also learned spanish and Portuguese as a hobby.

11.the Portuguese driver gave it a good bash and had to pit at the end of the lap for a new nose before continuing.

12.they could hear speakers translated into french, english, Portuguese and spanish.

13.irish and Portuguese bond yields also came under pressure.

14.the Portuguese tactician has never been out of the spotlight at stamford bridge since arriving at the club in the summer of 2004.

15.most of the people there speak spanish, Portuguese or french.

16.is Portuguese very different from spanish?

17.the spanish and Portuguese languages have many affinities.

18.the supported languages are-english, german, french, spanish, italian, finish, russian and Portuguese.

19.Portuguese explorers had charted the west coast of africa as far as sierra leone

20.later he took to inviting clerics from various religions, including Portuguese jesuits from goa, to debate their faiths.

21.spanish, french, italian and Portuguese are essentially dialects ofthe same language.

22.i sometimes have difficulty distinguishing spanish and Portuguese.

23.macao, which had been leased to the Portuguese from 1557 till the eve of the opium wars, has turned into a leading international trade city.

24.the winger has two years remaining on his contract and, a few months ago, was unsure whether he would prosper under the Portuguese.

25.french, italian, spanish and Portuguese are romance languages.

26.spanish, french, italian and Portuguese are essentially dialects of the same language.

27.my Portuguese is poor, but i want to make a friend with you, may i?

28.this essay gives a brief introduction to the chinese translation of Portuguese literature.

29.other neighbourhoods in the city offer foodies a choice of chinese, Portuguese or greek food.

30.chinese and Portuguese is the official language of macao, a lot of people also speak english;

31.the president had talks during a brief stopover in lisbon with his Portuguese counterpart

32.he is virtually bilingual in spanish and Portuguese.

33.in addition to english, there are some materials in french, german, hindi, Portuguese and spanish.

34.like the Portuguese man-of-war (see picture), the new creature is actually a colonial organism, made up of many animals.

35.Portuguese and chinese are the two official languages in macao.

36.these reflections were brought about by a visit to the home of Portuguese hospital employee and his wife .

37.by way of analogy, let "s say that you were going to be learning spanish, italian, french, or Portuguese. "

38.ancelotti said the return of Portuguese full-back bosingwa was a boost for his squad.

39.this interface has been translated into german and will soon be translated into Portuguese.

40.in addition to being available in english and french, the virtual world is also in Portuguese.