Portraying Sentence Examples | Use Portraying in a sentence

1.city seems to be your main character. how come you're never Portraying nature?

2.a novel Portraying wealthy society in19th-century new york.

3.in the meantime, by comparing them with other female roles in the artistic world of chekhov, the author presents her understanding of chekhov's peculiarity in Portraying women characters.

4.by Portraying li zhengguo and living his life, zhang learned that constant reflection on the present should be part of his life.

5.happiness is just like an unfolded book of poetry, collecting the poems Portraying those common lanes under the urban sky.

6.the movie version respects the original work and recreates the movie version in line with movie ways of Portraying, so as to achieve success in adaptation.

7.the strategy to the unbalance of Portraying women images of chinese television news programs

8.as a boy, i enjoyed watching the old black-and-white version of that movie with alastair sim Portraying scrooge.

9.unfortunately, his idea of bold journalism was a hatchet job, Portraying the staff in a negative light.

10.the48-year-old actor is Portraying the vampire character of barnabas collins in the new tim burton film.

11.Portraying the tragedy of life and the grandeur of death revealed to me both the mystery and the surreal quality of life.

12.dramatists and poets have done better than historians in Portraying brutus and his fellow conspirators.

13.but as a result of different cultural environments and the time background, there exists many differences among "the tough man" and Portraying details.

14.a picture of the general Portraying him as a greek hero.

15.the artist has succeeded in Portraying my father to the life.

16.they were good at Portraying court ladies.

17.at the conclusion of the exercise, an informal written survey was taken of the volunteers Portraying the victims.

18.his creative thinking combines both art and pictures Portraying two different things within the same scene.

19.yea, i am looking forward to Portraying him that way.

20.the filling of the region Portraying sky and ground within the attitude director indicator (am) of modem airplanes is a time-consuming work.

21.the peanut industry also condemned the company, Portraying it as a rogue operator.

22.body language Portraying confidence signals you're leadership material.

23.in the nation's capital, actors Portraying america's founders re-enacted the signing of the declaration of independence.

24.the media was Portraying it as if all that is involved is a struggle between the trade unions.

25.i feel this sense of restlessness is most essential in Portraying shanghai and moreover people of my generation.

26.Portraying themselves, falsely, as blameless, unarmed victims, his followers are holding out for complete victory.

27.the picture was clearly Portraying a biased representation of your class, and good for you for saying so.

28.actors, dancers and other entertainers entertain by Portraying roles in productions, performing and composing dances, and performing a variety of other acts.

29.the media [started Portraying] sarkozy as a vulgar, insecure celebrity-worshipper focused only on himself and his place in the limelight.

30.many chinese resent zhang yimou for Portraying his country, internationally, in an unfavourable light.

31.with the weakened symbolism in Portraying characters and the nation's patriotic spirit forsaken, assembly tried but failed to depict the solders'fortitude and belief.

32.but she admits there are a few little nuances that help her get in the right mood for whichever brunette beauty she's Portraying that day.

33.the old-fashioned style and the description of the background is very detailed in wang's work, which is such a Portraying of atmosphere, scenes and the aesthetic decorations.

34.the complex symbolism of the painting is completed, on the left, by a sort of painting within the painting Portraying a "last judgement" .

35.Portraying these male small potatoes in the city reflects the author's distinct original purpose.

36.on monday, the washington post put a glowing profile of mr. ryan on its front page, Portraying him as the g. o. p.

37.Portraying identity: how can new media technologies transform the tradition of the portrait-what are the new ways that some aspect or essence of the individual can be captured and displayed?

38.brad pitt does an amazing job Portraying an austrian, even down to his accent.

39.this in no small measure accounts for his success in Portraying these heroes.

40.portrayal: the act or process of depicting or Portraying.