portrayed Sentence Examples | Use portrayed in a sentence

1.the press portrayed me as some sort of amazon after i sailed around the world.

2.it was an age of absolute monarchy; the king's absolute power is portrayed in the garden.

3.republican attacks on her can easily be portrayed as white guys in suits trying to keep a qualified latina down.

4.meanwhile, some japanese and chinese media have portrayed the diplomatic debacle as the result of a misunderstanding by tokyo officials.

5.the author portrayed his father as a vicious drunkard.

6.books and films which have portrayed an idyllic life with your new baby.

7.in poland, though, the war is usually portrayed as a single heroic struggle, against russians as well as germans.

8.for a long time i knew that god is not the impassive, unresponsive, unchanging being portrayed by the classical theologians .

9.the persons and events portrayed in this production are fictitious.

10.increasingly mr obama was portrayed overseas as weak, indecisive and ineffective.

11.she is often portrayed with a child in her arms, near her feet, or on her knees, or with several children about her.

12.and, what emotions are being portrayed in the scene?

13.i think some of the guys are portrayed in a negative light if they're strong and opinionated.

14.think of oliver twist. angela's ashes by frank mccourt portrayed his poverty-stricken childhood vividly but never luridly.

15.ibsen must have had a vision of a free mother, when, with a master stroke, he portrayed mrs.

16.his many novels have portrayed the sufferings of his race.

17.lu xun vividly portrayed the character of ah q.

18.the father is portrayed as a coward in this play.

19.arthur himself has been portrayed as a weak cuckold.

20.all too often it is only the negative images of ireland that are portrayed, colouring opinions and hiding the true nature of the country

21.the characters in the novel are all vividly portrayed.

22.however, i've also seen him portrayed in the media as a hostile and radical person, and that aspect of him doesn't appeal to me.

23.bryant is often portrayed as petulant, selfish, and at times overbearing in newspaper coverage and magazine profiles.

24.students have always been portrayed as a bit of a joke

25.she says the programme portrayed her as a 'lady of easy virtue'.

26.a comparison has been made between chinese ink painting and underglaze blue decoration, their similarities and their differences have been found and their respective features portrayed.

27.therefore, the way her own stepmother portrayed as a sinister, nervous, like the abuse of her sister's character.

28.he was portrayed in the press as a gold-digger and adventurer.

29.and buddhist murals, for example, portrayed an all-powerful, remote, and mysterious being, whose stern gaze dominated the interiors of temples, churches, and sanctuaries.

30.the world of letters can be portrayed today as a garden with a hundred flowers in bloom.

31.it is hard work and not a glamorous job as portrayed by the media.

32.he portrayed a serial killer in a broadway show.

33.an ipcc statement was due to be released the same day and is understood to have portrayed the death as a tragic accident.

34.through varied media they portrayed the courage and industriousness of the peoples of africa.

35.the frescoes portrayed scenes of ancient human life.

36.in this drama, a man's cordiality and true love are portrayed.

37.its being banned for portrayed a strong unexpected image of femininity.

38.here's the american heartland as it's seldom portrayed on screen, with humor and almost palpable fondness.