Portrayal Sentence Examples | Use Portrayal in a sentence

1.the novel is a Portrayal of a modern-day woman.

2.mr ying is well-known for his Portrayal of a prison guard in the film 'the last emperor'.

3.many critics said he brought humor and sensitivity to his Portrayal of the man of steel.

4.an emoticon is a textual Portrayal of a writer's mood or facial expression.

5.'scene with a winding river' ( 1827) is a near-monochrome Portrayal of a wood infused with silvery light.

6.he probably did not see it as an accurate Portrayal of the future.

7.indeed, my reading of the evidence did not sustain a Portrayal of unrestrained destruction even of property.

8.your Portrayal of the black knight ghost was inspirational to my brother and me.

9.mr murakami's narrative flows slowly, and his Portrayal of the dead hours of a city creates a rounded sense of place.

10.the Portrayal of the characters in the novel is lifelike.

11.despite that, it's a well-rounded Portrayal of a man destined to be remembered as one of the great product visionaries of our time.

12.he is best remembered for his chilling Portrayal of norman bates in'psycho '.

13.this is the forgotten man on the existence of a true Portrayal of the homeless after.

14.the image of typical character has been the lively Portrayal of social change.

15.the movie offered a sympathetic Portrayal of a woman struck by an inexplicable tragedy and then accused of an inexplicable crime.

16.the media persists in its Portrayal of us as muggers, dope sellers and gangsters

17.ling is an excellent actor in my eyes and he was capable to realize a perfect Portrayal of his role.

18.his novel is a vivid Portrayal of life in a mining community.

19.but something is missing from this Portrayal of italy as backward and chauvinist.

20.there also seems to be a simple link between the dominance of men at work and the Portrayal of women in advertising.

21.the metaphorical and impressive Portrayal has subtly revealed the duality of the relationship between man and internet.

22.her Portrayal won her a british academy award and her first oscar nomination for best supporting actress.

23.his Portrayal of the character is vivid and true to life.

24.i get criticized for the Portrayal of women in that movie.

25.forbes magazine recently also ran a story about western media` s inaccurate Portrayal of china` s youth.

26.this is a sensitive and often funny Portrayal of a friendship between two 11-year-old boys.

27.the movie sparked controversy with its sympathetic Portrayal of a young japanese soldier.

28.the lyrics went through a few stages and in the end mr. lin xi presented me with a vivid Portrayal of the life of ah bing.

29.sino-russian border trade is a60-year journey from small to big and from weak to strong, and is a true Portrayal of the economic transition adjustment.

30.she shows a full range of emotions in her Portrayal of an ambitious politician.

31.the Portrayal of the many small holes in the side of the ship and not one large gash along the side is accurate.

32.people tend to regard these works as cliches of landscape painting because of his Portrayal of buildings and gardens.

33.a skilful Portrayal of a lonely and embittered old man.

34.note the Portrayal of the esb as an integration layer underpinning the interconnectivity among the business parts of the solution.

35.yet the subtitle of his biography "the gentle giant of terror" perhaps heralds a too sympathetic Portrayal.

36.her Portrayal in happy times is flawless.

37.a sensitive Portrayal of one woman's struggle with cancer.

38.Portrayal: the act or process of depicting or portraying.

39.this is all me tuesday go to school of true Portrayal.