Portray Sentence Examples | Use Portray in a sentence

1.china in past comment has sought to Portray the matter as a straightforward criminal case .

2.i believe he looked at the final two or three options, but i wouldn't be able to accurately Portray his reaction.

3.people will believe the image you Portray!

4.the painting Portray the beauty of nature as counterpoint to that of a human body.

5.to help you Portray your company structure, different accounting, logistics and human resources organization units are provided.

6.he has worked hard in recent months to Portray new york in a better light.

7.because my mother, we have a chance today to bring the hands of the pen, to Portray the love of her mother.

8.in our society, we seem to worship talent& and we often Portray it as a gift.

9.you might describe an extremely unusual situation, reveal a shocking statistic, or vividly Portray an alarming problem.

10.cim represents an attempt to Portray the topology of any system in a common manner.

11.you know, that was the hardest part about having to Portray you, grinning like an idiot every fifteen minutes.

12.the media love to Portray us all as eye candy, but actually we all have our own personalities.

13.old photographs suggest that the actors were chosen because they bear some resemblance to the people they Portray.

14.this time, i want to Portray a cute oriental girls, a unique beauty of the orient.

15.can you Portray the best and worst aspects of this job?

16.the pictures both Portray and interpret the action.

17.there are very few contemporary chinese painters who can so vividly Portray the life of the minorities.

18.both programs Portray the purity of love, which is expressed through a kiss or a warm hug.

19.perhaps it was for that reason that american cartoonists did not work out how they would Portray him.

20.now, as for the democrats, they've been able to use this issue quite effectively to Portray the president as insensitive.

21.it is a marketing tool and can help Portray a positive image for your company or website.

22.it is still considered improper to Portray christ in a play or film.

23.it explores the settings, dramatic methods and irony that Portray the characters personality profoundly.

24.which isn't nearly as much of a problem as the media and the emotions Portray it.

25.they tried to Portray time and space in a way that is still beautiful, but can seem baffling.

26.she says the programme Portrayed her as a 'lady of easy virtue'.

27.let's Portray assad as a man who's not a terrorist.

28.it is inconceivable that this campaign to Portray mr. obama as the insidious "other" would have been conducted against a white president.

29.the problem is likely to be much worse than we can Portray.

30.his favorite movie star was brad pitt, and it was his goal to someday Portray him in a movie about his life.

31.i spent nineteen years of my life trying to Portray myself as the perfect victorian girl.

32.romain rolland set out to Portray the adventures of the soul of his hero and succeeded magnificently;

33.the actor shaved his head off in order to Portray a bald man.

34.these portraits Portray my attitude to them.

35.that's what we tried to Portray in the book, this feeling of opulence and grandeur.

36.advertising tends to Portray women in a very traditional role.

37.you would Portray israel and you compare it to the rest of the middle east.

38.it would be wrong to Portray his life as a calculated ascent to power at any cost.

39.police were allegedly trying to Portray the west auckland spraying as an isolated incident.