Portraiture Sentence Examples | Use Portraiture in a sentence

1.the appearance at all three levels of Portraiture , still life, the grotesque, or caricature would all be interesting studies.

2.the love of our neighbours but the Portraiture.

3.realistic Portraiture; a realistic novel; in naturalistic colors; the school of naturalistic writers.

4.the playful dabble of diminutive stamps of an icon is coalesced to assert a dimensional illusion of a enlarged Portraiture;

5.from a white lake blot heaven's blue Portraiture.

6.this is a real Portraiture of interpersonal relationship in the modern society.

7.for me, working in Portraiture is one of the most difficult but rewarding photographic exploits.

8.for the past four years, since graduating, i have maintained an active role in the vancouver art community, continuing my painting practice through the Portraiture of young, interesting locals.

9.in Portraiture, photography still falls far short of the painted portrait.

10.the point is not that the artist has 'penetrated the character' of his sitter, that commonplace desideratum of Portraiture ( robert hughes)

11.kang is celebrated for his technical virtuosity in assimilating emotional, political, social and cultural themes in singular visual motif of Portraiture.

12.as the true Portraiture of life pursuit, the complex unfolds perfectly his graceful life attitude and his noble personality pursuit.

13.as with regular Portraiture, the subject matter counts although in dog paintings, breed determines the aristocratic level of the sitters.

14.the dispute illuminates the primitive nature of our attitude to Portraiture.

15.their works symbolized a change in Portraiture and were of special importance in chinese painting history.

16.the appearance at all three levels of Portraiture, still life, the grotesque, or caricature would all be interesting studies.

17.landscapes, environmental Portraiture, food, and architecture are all considered'travel'photography.

18.in the renaissance, da vinci held high a banner of Portraiture, which has flappingly fluttered till now.

19.auction houses too are benefiting from the devotion of a dog-loving clientele as the market for canine Portraiture continues to boom.

20.the portrait is drawn to the life. his Portraiture is very expressive.

21.as such, zhang radically reorders the viewer's taken for granted notions of Portraiture, representation, and subjectivity.

22.this special feature performed in the background, important affairs and Portraiture of this novel, which strengthened the art of the works.

23.but what if you don't get anywhere with your fabulous idea for scented birthday cards, or hamster Portraiture, within a month?

24.but the bode museum in berlin has been able to include it in a fascinating show, "masterpieces of renaissance Portraiture" .

25."the carriages and hoarsening on a journey" of stone statue in the han dynast composition in drawing form; the cosmo-symbolism in the Portraiture of han dynasty and its aesthetic signification

26.what style of Portraiture emerges in the era of data-banks and affect sensors?

27.i am going to have my Portraiture taken.

28.this is the very painting of your fear. i am going to have my Portraiture taken.

29."the nature of Portraiture", central academy of fine arts gallery, beijing, china;

30.the introduction of buddhism from india was an exterior factor that has had a great influence on chinese Portraiture.

31.in the view of many people, ounisi has been not only a silver jewelry accessory, but also the soul of fashion, the Portraiture of mood, the release of charm, and a beautiful symbol.

32.shot with a mamiya 7, a medium-format camera, the photographs recall an earlier age of Portraiture.

33.the painting of beautiful women was another field of Portraiture.

34.there's an exhibition on the history of Portraiture from tudor times to the present day.

35.learn not to have art not? be ignorant and incompetent! this is the true Portraiture of contemporary undergraduate!

36.there is no need to state that these craftsmen are manipulating the ambiguity and potential for multiple interpretations inherent to Portraiture.

37.the author should take in charge of copyright, Portraiture right, and reputation right.

38.i'm fascinated by Portraiture in general, and the human body and how the image lives over time.

39.he also painted a number of historical subjects but he was most accomplished in his Portraiture , depicting many local dignitaries.