Portrait Sentence Examples | Use Portrait in a sentence

1.she was beginning to make a name for herself as a Portrait photographer

2.this artist has reproduced every detail of your features in this Portrait.

3.he kept the book open at the bewitching Portrait.

4.in august, a mississippi student's senior Portrait was barred from her yearbook because she had posed in a tuxedo.

5.it is tempting to let others judge you, tempting to ask, "what do you think? " as you put on an outfit or sketch a Portrait or play a tune.

6.his ideas influenced the establishment of national Portrait galleries in london and edinburgh.

7.one of the gallery's most prized possessions is the Portrait of ginevra de'benci.

8.he is an artist, just as surely as rembrandt or any other first-rate Portrait painter is one.

9.the artist has reproduced your features very well in this Portrait.

10.i can swim landscape orientation and Portrait.

11.this is a Portrait of mine.

12.groups were allowed to grieve in front of the Portrait for a few minutes at a time.

13.hang the Portrait straight.

14."here, maybe this will help, " he says, and he pulls a little picture out of his wallet. an old Portrait, really old, like centuries old.

15.i have the Portrait!

16.the Portrait of a lady may be an experiment to see what happens when an idealistic young woman suddenly becomes very rich.

17.the Portrait of this movie star was painted by a famous artist.

18.edy had a large Portrait of a nude over his fireplace which he could always rely on to be a conversation piece with anybody who came to visit him.

19.the Portrait speaks.

20.it's an exquisite Portrait.

21.as our eyes scan different parts of the Portrait, mona's smile seems to fade in and out.

22.the photographer took some__-__for a Portrait.

23.today his picture goes on show at the national Portrait gallery.

24.lucian freud has been asked to paint a Portrait of the queen.

25.line and colour are both important in Portrait painting.

26.the hero of this novel is a Portrait of the author himself.

27.she told whistler that his Portrait of her was finished and to stop fiddling with it.

28.can i draw a Portrait of you?

29.he went on to say that if readers do not like the change, sports illustrated can always go back and support Portrait mode again.

30.but do not show him the last chamber in the long gallery, which contains the Portrait of the princess of the golden roof.

31.he's not painting our Portrait.

32.alberg took the Portrait down from the wall

33.she put up a Portrait of her father on the wall.

34.'elizabeth r', a tv Portrait of the queen, had record viewing figures.

35.in1911 she presented an embroidered Portrait to the italian empress as a national gift.

36.these and other Portrait lighting styles will be the subject of a future tutorial.

37.that explains, if the Portrait you showed me. be like, the dark hue i so much admired on the visage of the noble catalan.

38.one of the shots of her boyfriend, baseball player joe dimaggio is the only time the pair posed for a formal Portrait.

39.he gives us a Portrait of the real gandhi, warts and all

40.this is my latest Portrait.