Portmanteau Sentence Examples | Use Portmanteau in a sentence

1.the name wikipedia is a Portmanteau of the words wiki ( a type of collaborative website) and encyclopedia.

2.the second name is a Portmanteau: gallo is derived from the latin word for rooster, gallus, while pavo is the latin word for peacock.

3.there now," said eug nie, while i change my costume do you lock the Portmanteau. "

4."bromance" is a Portmanteau, a combination of the words "brother" and "romance".

5.for those with a grammatical bent, the addition of a conjunction transforms the word strategic from an adjective describing the economic dialogue into a Portmanteau adjective describing anything hillary clinton damn well wants.

6.therewas a small Portmanteau in the room, and this he pulled out and began to strap.

7.the most difficult part in finnegans wake is the self-made words which include Portmanteau words, transformed words, combined words and nomenclatures which are used ungrammatically and arbitrarily.

8.these may be called male engagement rings or mengagement rings, which is a Portmanteau of "man" and "engagement ring".

9.the name wikipedia is a Portmanteau of the words wiki (a type of collaborative website) and encyclopedia.

10.no relation with paralysis or paraplegia is intended, though the word paralympic was originally a Portmanteau combining paraplegic and olympic.

11.visceralization is a Portmanteau between visceral and visualization.

12.generative mechanism of Portmanteau sentence

13.keira had a little role in richard curtis' festive Portmanteau film in which various londoners face love crises in the run up to christmas.

14.louise pressed with all the strength of her little hands on the top of the Portmanteau .

15.he always carries this Portmanteau with him when he goes abroad.

16."bromance" is a Portmanteau, a combination of the words "brother" and "romance" .

17.i rang the bell, and directed my servant to pack my Portmanteau.

18.using it in your Portmanteau will allow you to summon eagles.

19.there are some worthless articles of clothing in the old Portmanteau.

20.a Portmanteau sentence is a sentence which has a hybrid structure from two sentences in different languages.

21.stuffing shirts into his Portmanteau.

22.the official secrets act was described as a piece of Portmanteau legislation, covering everything from nuclear weapons to army boots.

23.the essay not only analyses the artistic effect of puns, onomatopoeia, neologism, Portmanteau and transforming citations, but also explores their functions in the particular context.

24.open your Portmanteau and keep it in one of your neutral talisman. it allows you to change into the shape of any creature.

25.the word e-tailer is a Portmanteau word derived from'electronic'and'retailer ', in a similar way to'e-mail'.

26.Portmanteau words linking "snow" with "apocalypse" and "armageddon", used to describe the record snowfalls in the us east coast and northern europe last winter.

27.the word is a Portmanteau of the english words emotion and icon.