Portman Sentence Examples | Use Portman in a sentence

1.what is Portman's strategy for competing successfully in its chosen market?

2.the film will focus on the relationship between thor and love interest on earth jane foster, played by natalie Portman.

3.we now know who's no.1 in natalie Portman's house.

4.parnell: so, natalie, what's the day in life of natalie Portman like?

5.george lucas was confident enough in Portman's potential and abilities to offer her a starring role in his next three star wars movies, and her winning performance rewarded his faith.

6.the tacit feud between pen and the doctor made the widow nervous, so that she too avoided Portman.

7."there were a lot of rumors, people were throwing around names like natalie Portman, but she officially turned it down, " he said.

8.natalie Portman has given birth to a son, people reports.

9.but Portman is still keeping her fans guessing about her future plans.

10.i liked this video because it had nice shots of Portman backstage and onstage speaking at pro-obama events.

11.old doctor Portman was one of the few who came from the venerable gate.

12.what was it like to be at harvard with natalie Portman?

13.if Portman doesn't land an oscar nomination for the role, it's simply a crime.

14.i was at harvard at the same time as natalie Portman ( 1999-2003).

15.natalie Portman's terrifying red-eyed face imprinted on your hand forever. wise?

16.that girl was natalie Portman.

17.until now, natalie Portman has been one of hollywood's red-carpet sweethearts, but for her new role in the movie black swan, the oscar-nominated actress is defecting to the dark side.

18.Portman was set to play the role of cathy, daughter of one of the story's lead characters.

19.his horrid passions had made him forget the principles which dr. Portman had instilled into him in early life.

20.though she did well in the movies, Portman might enjoy performing on stage even more.

21.sean penn may have joined the list of celebrity cradle-snatchers amid reports linking him to natalie Portman.

22.natalie Portman took the best-actress award for her performance as a perfectionist ballerina in darren aronofsky's 'black swan. '

23.the conclusion was supported by hollywood actress natalie Portman: i would never have been an actress if i weren't an only child because my parents would never have let me be the star of the family at the expense of another child.

24.natalie Portman has bowed out of the upcoming movie adaption of emily bronte's classic wuthering heights.

25.natalie Portman is wearing rodarte - the designers who somewhat controversially missed out on a costume credit on black swan.

26.by the time she shot attack of the clones, Portman was an old pro at acting against blue screen backgrounds.

27.Portman is optimistic that the trade agreements will move forward soon.

28.the findings are released by the Portman group, a campaigning body funded by the drinks industry.

29.the american will appear before members of the disciplinary committee at Portman square.

30.at the screen actors guild awards on sunday, natalie Portman was named best actress for her role in ballet drama black swan.

31.while appearing older was a major concern for episode ii, Portman said the situation had been exactly the opposite the first time around.

32.Portman was born in israel in1981.

33.a few minutes later as i pondered talking to her again i realized she was natalie Portman.

34.i started thinking about natalie Portman and the idea of turning her into a swan, and i thought, it's gonna be gruesome.

35.this four-legged friend went as natalie Portman's black swan.

36.Portman: well there's a lot you may not know about me.

37.of all the nominees, natalie Portman has earned the most praise for her role in "black swan, " in which she plays a tortured ballerina.

38.when doctor Portman read this portion of the letter his voice faltered.

39.colin firth and natalie Portman were crowned best actor and best actress in a leading role for their excellent performances in the king's speech and black swan respectively.