Popularization Sentence Examples | Use Popularization in a sentence

1.if Popularization remains at the same level for ever, won't the educators and those being educated be six of one and half a dozen of the other?

2.the courseware interface is nicer and interactive, circulation and Popularization cost is also very low.

3.in today's china, the ecology civilized idea and ecology civilization consciousness is obtaining the Popularization.

4.with web2.0 came the Popularization of multimedia on the web.

5.with the Popularization and improving of the technology of the computer, the geographical information technology taking information technology as support has got swift and violent development.

6.with its Popularization and improvement, selective course of physical education has been approved by teachers and students.

7.the new technology in mold design and manufacture of the Popularization and application;

8.the Popularization of higher education objectively forces chinese universities to develop their new campuses.

9.yet its interactivity and rapid Popularization have made the internet a double-edged sword.

10.the instability of the energy supply in the solar energy utilization is one of the main obstacles to the Popularization of solar buildings.

11.development of system does useful researches and trials in Popularization of mobile payment for the future.

12.with the Popularization of internet, chinesecg industry gets a chance to develop rapidliy.

13.the Popularization and development of christianity in the coastal countryside since the reform and opening clearly proves this point.

14.and it also introduces the Popularization bamboo animal weaving.

15.the factor influencing laser level land technology Popularization, and the suggestion while using.

16.the harmonious development in compulsory education is one of another historic problems after realizing the Popularization in it .

17.with the development of internal culture and art, the social demand of art Popularization and exchange has increased.

18.chinization, modernization and Popularization decides the development and destiny of marxism in china.

19.the Popularization and application of bluetooth technology cant detach from the research and program of bluetooth protocols.

20.the large-scale Popularization of various comprehensive cultivation technologies has played an important role in grain production increase;

21.with the development of the internet and the Popularization of computers.

22.the advent of the knowledge economy speeds up the Popularization and industrialization of education.

23.the successful development of national undergraduate electronic design contest relies on its Popularization and justness.

24.due to the Popularization of cameras and vcrs, we consciously or unconsciously enter into an age of watching photos and films.

25.production practice shows that this is a new concept to develop the remaining gas reserves and is worthy of Popularization and application.

26.this passage is about how to promote the Popularization and development of the innovative education.

27.china's auto market in the sedan will be the preliminary stage of Popularization, but domestic car consumption has continued to poor.

28.construction development and technique Popularization of web information has made e-business a main mode of material purchase and supply.

29.with the Popularization and development of internet, distant education is an important direction of the network multimedia technology.

30.the higher education Popularization is currently the general target of the development of the higher education in china.

31.practice shows that this method is fairly effective and deserves wide Popularization in vast continental strata areas of china.

32.the poem style in the early period is Popularization and that of the late stage is the elegance with literary quotations.

33.china research institute for science Popularization;

34.qualitative and quantitative researches are two kinds of basic research methods utilized in science Popularization research.

35.the questionnaires are the basis of theoretical exploration and practice in the whole system of science Popularization.

36.the interactive relationship between china's Popularization of higher education and its social stratification is explored.

37.the aestheticization of everyday life and the Popularization of art deprive the aesthetics of its self-discipline;

38.it provided a new construction method for wide application and Popularization of vetiveria zizanioides contour living hedgerow technique.

39.the Popularization, and use of the national language can make communication easier.

40.Popularization of marxism is always accompanying with marxism chinese-characterization.