Polynuclear Sentence Examples | Use Polynuclear in a sentence

1.synthesis, structures and antitumor activities of Polynuclear complexes based on dna interactions

2.study on environmental fates of Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons in contaminated coastal sediment

3.isobestic point spectrophotometric method is proposed to determine the compositions and stability constants of complexes in a coexistent system of mononuclear and Polynuclear complexes.

4.studies on the color reaction of mixed Polynuclear complex of-sc-cpa ⅲ-cu-phen

5.inorganic and organometallic hyperbranched Polynuclear complexes

6.these investigations have opened vast perspectives of Polynuclear complexes in the fields of biology.

7.syntheses and structures of the Polynuclear complexes based on acyclic crown ethers

8.progress on Polynuclear organometallic heterocyclic compounds

9.the optimal conditions for the formation of Polynuclear complex and influence factors have also been studied.

10.polymetallicacetate is a kind of Polynuclear metal complex with aluminum and thulium.

11.developments in preparation of condensed Polynuclear aromatics ( copna) resin in recent years are reviewed.

12.syntheses, structures and properties of Polynuclear metal complexes

13.soil quality. determination of Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons. method using high-performance liquid chromatography.

14.results binuclear and Polynuclear endothelial cells were found in every buttons.

15.pollution situation of Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons in partial vegetable soil around tianjin suburbs

16.synthesis and characterization of Polynuclear complexes with o-aminophenol schiff base as ligand

17.our results show that the synthetic reaction of ldh-c1 is controlled by Polynuclear layer surface reaction mechanism.

18.studies have shown that Polynuclear neutrophils in cytokine-induced tumor rejection plays a central role.

19.derivative constant-energy synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy for rapid analysis of Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon mixtures

20.the bridging groups, such as azide and thiocyanate ligands, conduced to the formation of Polynuclear complexes.

21.oxo bridged Polynuclear iron complex which serve as model compounds for the active site in metallic protein and enzymes has been studied for many years.

22.the progress in bridged Polynuclear chromium complexes

23.the recent progress of the studies on the structure, synthesis, and reactions of Polynuclear titanocene complexes classified as chain, ring and ionic compounds and so on was reviewed.

24.in the low oxidation states, platinum group metals have a tendency of aggregating to form clusters containing Polynuclear metal chain.

25.the research provided a new route for design and synthesis of new functional polymers with Polynuclear metal cluster subs.

26.in this paper, we have synthesised and designed Polynuclear transition-metal compound based on polyoxometalates as the inorganic ligands.

27.studies on the syntheses, structures and magnetic properties of azido-metal complexes and Polynuclear metal cluster compounds

28.there are considerable interests in linear chain clusters because of the Polynuclear metal-metal bonding, structures, potential applications as molecular wires and low-dimensional materials with unusual properties.

29.two novel dissymmetrical oxamide ligands and their Polynuclear complexes were synthesized and characterized by means of x-ray single crystal diffraction, elemental analysis and ir.

30.Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons in peat and lignite from yunnan province

31.testing water. determination of six Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons. high pressure liquid chromatography method.

32.luminescent property of dysprosium-lanthanum-praseodymium benzoate Polynuclear complexes

33.Polynuclear chromium complexes which served as models for glucose tolerance factor have been widely investigated, as well as for molecular-based magnetic materials.

34.therefore, we initiated the studies of the synthesis of thiacalix [ 4] arene polydentate ligands, preparation of Polynuclear metallic complexes and study of their properties.

35.study on mass transfer due to diffusion process with optical interferometry method dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction coupled with high performance liquid chromatography for the determination of Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons in environmental water samples

36.synthesis and characterization of novel Polynuclear schiff base compounds containing o-aminobenzoic acid

37.nowadays, the research on Polynuclear complexes develops rapidly, and many novel complexes have been synthesized.

38.in the field of coordination chemistry, Polynuclear molecules and coordination polymers currently attract considerable interest.

39.bridged Polynuclear structure exists widely in the active sites of the metalloprotein and metalloenzyme in organisms that makes a great impact on their physiology and catalysis.

40.solvothermal syntheses, crystal structures and properties of main group chalcogenidometalates; studies on the syntheses, structures and magnetic properties of azido-metal complexes and Polynuclear metal cluster compounds