pollster Sentence Examples | Use pollster in a sentence

1.so far the french seem to like what he is doing: in november, his popularity climbed eight points to 49%, according to ipsos, a pollster.

2."i've got a feeling election officials and politicos are going to hear you pretty loud, " said cornell belcher, a democratic pollster.

3.obama had trouble winning working class support in his primary battles with former rival hillary clinton, but pollster clay richards says he appears to be making some inroads.

4.quinnipiac university pollster peter brown says cain's challenge will be to continue building support even as attention on him intensifies.

5.it's up to palin, gop pollster david winston said, to take charge of the discourse and transition into more policy-heavy discussions.

6.even among the better known potential republican candidates many questions remain unanswered, says pollster peter brown.

7.meanwhile, in new jersey, mr obama dispatched his pollster joel benenson to take charge of a campaign that was seen to be in disarray.

8.figures from gallup, a pollster, reveal just how widespread such corruption is ( see chart).

9."reagan had a 37-percent job approval rating at this point in 1983, " said the pollster.

10."reagan had a37-percent job approval rating at this point in1983," said the pollster.

11.quinnipiac pollster peter brown says americans have concluded the iraq war was not worth the cost, but he adds that they remain divided on what to do next.

12.but all that could change in the months to come, says quinnipiac university pollster peter brown.

13.but in general, as every pollster avers, it is the future more than the past that motivates voting.

14.quinnipiac university pollster peter brown says recent surveys showed that trump and former alaska governor sarah palin have some serious image problems with the public.

15.nathan richter, lead pollster on the wakefield research study, said that in a world where most everything these days is shared online, "we want the credit when we share ideas with our boss."

16.the footballer had already come first in a comparable survey by pollster ifop six months ago.

17.his popularity rating fell to 36% in march, its lowest since he took office, according to ifop, a pollster.

18.but all of that could change in the months to come, says quinnipiac university pollster peter brown.

19.according to ipsos mori, a pollster, three-quarters of people plan to spend at least as much on their garden this year as last.

20.this all sounds like a formula for success: a brilliant pollster who will steer his candidate to the centre but who will not try to turn an election victory into a white house empire.

21.the non-governmental organisation based its analysis on almost 60,000 interviews in 62 countries conducted by gallup international, the pollster, between july and september – a period when the rich world was awash with corruption scandals.

22."more and more palestinians, particularly women and the young, are identifying with a religious rather than national struggle," says a pollster at near east consulting, a leading west bank barometer.

23.but quinnipiac pollster peter brown says that so far, there is little evidence to suggest that obama got much of a public relations boost, or bounce, out of his trip.

24.quinnipiac university pollster clay richards says a large number of voters apparently have already made up their minds about which candidate to support in november.

25.those conversations never left me, he explained over a recent lunch, adding that his value as a pollster is his ability to write questions in the language of these men and women and to hear the answers accurately.