Pollard Sentence Examples | Use Pollard in a sentence

1.Pollard continues to languish in prison

2.at last she got away, and did not stop in her retreat till she was in the thicket of Pollard willows at the lower side of the barton, where she could be quite unseen.

3.on the Pollard willows the long wands are yellow-ruddy in the passing gleam of sunshine, the first colour of spring appears in their bark.

4.'i don't know,' Pollard replied, professing innocence.

5.and i have become convinced that Pollard's sentence of life was disproportionate to his crime.

6.peugeot, for instance, has launched a european project called mu, Pollard said.

7.he did not want Pollard to become suspicious that he was now onto him

8.next day he moved into a Pollard willow near the lake, frightening the wild ducks and the water rats.

9.Pollard died in 1986.

10.charles Pollard, the chief constable of thames valley in britain, calls zero-tolerance policing a short-term cure that works well in urban areas with large amounts of petty crime.

11.through a research on the property of montgomery modular multiplication, the Pollard phro 、( p-1) and p+ 1 algorithms are modified respectively so that the classic modular multiplication can be replaced by montgomery modular multiplication.

12.Pollard fought back against the nfl's decision until 1937, when he retired to pursue a career in business.

13.this paper describes parallel Pollard rho algorithm for attack ecc over f_ ( 2~ m) and our flow of implementation. then depicts the optimization algorithm of core operation ( include inverse, multiplication, square and model).

14.a century later, the seedling planted by samuel Pollard has grown into a towering tree now.

15.as technology companies try to keep pace with the iphone generation, Pollard says carmakers are also coming to terms with less possessive buyers.

16.henderson recalled that he first met Pollard during a business trip to washington

17.the Pollard willows were tortured out of their natural shape by incessant choppings.

18.while working on a song, cave began to play with the idea of measuring his life in days instead of years, and forsyth and Pollard, who were documenting the band as they recorded push the sky away, saw potential for a film.

19.Pollard opened the conversation with some small talk.

20.at approximately 11:30 p.m., Pollard finally gave his consent to the search

21.the sequence homology regions were in accordance with the antigenic determinants of histones predicted by Pollard ( 1990, autoimmunity).

22.as the press began to ask questions about the letter, i began researching the issues of the Pollard case more closely.

23.to convertor make into a Pollard.

24.a letter had come from miss Pollard, stating the situation.

25.netanyahu was correct in saying that support for Pollard's release has come from a broad segment of american political and cultural life.

26.in 1921, Pollard became head coach while still playing pro.

27.other car manufacturers are studying similar ideas, Pollard said.

28.by yu guangzhong translated by david Pollard.

29.the class origin of Pollard and other missionaries were lower levels in england;

30.a number of recent documentaries have explored the nebulous boundary between reportage and fiction, but in 20,000 days, Pollard and forsyth try to dispense with that boundary altogether.

31.every time the issue of Pollard's release comes up, intelligence professionals and prosecutors rise up against it.

32.Pollard picked up the tab for dinner that night

33.was Pollard's life sentence just or was it too severe?

34.in fact, Pollard said, it was his wife's addiction to another fantasy role-playing game that drove him to the other avatar.

35.the Pollard lab has thus far identified 202 such cases, where each is called a human accelerated regions or har.

36.red Pollard: i was crippled for the rest of my life . i got better. he made me better. hell , you made me better.

37.you remember the story of the essex and captain Pollard?

38.one of the first black trailblazers of professional football, frederick douglass fritz Pollard established a series of firsts.