Pollack Sentence Examples | Use Pollack in a sentence

1.studies on the preparation of active calcium from Pollack frame

2.when asked about future plans for spring. net, Pollack said

3.Pollack said the movie emphasized peaceful alternatives to nations killing each other.

4.dorothy childers, executive director of the alaska marine conservation council, notes that fishing boats trying to catch Pollack dump halibut and salmon over the side.

5.but mr Pollack binds the strands together deftly and imparts a good deal of learning and wisdom along the way.

6.it was the last film for producers anthony minghella and sydney Pollack, who both died before it was released.

7.the ship was sinking. Pollack talked to the horse in a low, warm voice. he did not want to leave the animal .

8.on his first day at sea, the wind was strong and the sea was rough, and Pollack became seasick.

9.i also met with Pollack again to kind of shoot the bull.

10.kenneth Pollack's book is all about the second question but he starts by making a confession relevant to the first.

11.given the growth of political islam, and the fact that mr Pollack deems many arab countries to be on the point of revolution, perhaps not.

12.the dielectric constant and loss factor of tilapia surimi and alaska Pollack surimi were measured by the open-ended coaxial probe method in the frequency range from 320 mhz to 2 960 mhz and temperature from 30 ℃ to 80 ℃.

13.Pollack they would've been seriously hurt.

14.unlike kleinfeld, Pollack does not feel that the word "crisis" should be avoided when discussing boys' issues.

15.could i have Pollack soup tomorrow?

16.status, problem and suggestion on frozen Pollack fillet processing and trade in our country

17.a dumbfounded Pollack immediately orders a double vodka.

18.study on gel-forming kinetics of silver carp and alaska Pollack surimi during microwave heating

19.when the lifeboats were full, Pollack looked at hallam and said, "all right, hallam, leave the ship! "

20."the interpreter* believes very much in the power and sanctity of words and believes if they are used properly they can be as powerful as bullets or weapons," Pollack said.

21.particular introduction and analysis are carried out on lipson and Pollack's works on design automation of robots, and some inspiration from evolutionary design and existing problems are also discussed.

22.in his interview with Pollack last week, musk made similar comments about the costs associated with new technologies.

23.mister Pollack did not want to work on a ship. he was a farmer and loved the land.

24.on his first day at sea, the wind was strong and the sea was rough, and Pollack became seasick. as in the changjiang river the waves behind drive on those before, so each new generation excels the last one.

25.south korean retailer lotte mart said it had stopped selling japanese Pollack owing to customers 'concerns, even though the fish passed safety checks.

26.at least 25 large sternwheelers--a couple a year--were lost during that period, project leader Pollack said.

27.you know why the times won't hire you Pollack?

28.to that mr Pollack has a simple answer, in the form of a question.