Poll Sentence Examples | Use Poll in a sentence

1.the Poll was widely discredited after allegations of ballot rigging.

2.a straw Poll conducted at the end of the meeting found most people agreed with mr forth

3.audiences were going to be Polled on which of three pieces of contemporary music they liked best

4.a Poll on the micro blog of sina. com showed that 74 percent of respondents were in favor of the ending which had been leaked.

5.nearly three-quarters of people questioned in an opinion Poll agreed with the government's decision.

6.the crowd chanted 'no Poll tax', a reference to the government's new local taxation system

7.if the Poll results prove correct, banks would be required to put 19 percent of deposits at the central bank by the end of this year.

8.we are doing a weekly Poll on the president, and clearly his popularity has declined

9.president bush is trying to counter low Poll numbers by refocusing public attention on iraq and his efforts to improve the u. s. economy.

10.the result showed he had Polled enough votes to force a second ballot.

11.what is the point of this party with him as the leader? ? turned out at the Poll we had a choice between gop or gop. . .

12.the newspaper took a Poll of 300 people to see what the man in the street thinks.

13.ministers believed it was vital to dump the Poll tax before the election.

14.at the beginning of each of my webinars, i Poll my attendees: "where did you first find out about this webinar? "

15.Polls show that the european treaty has gained support in denmark

16.the council tax replaces the Poll tax next april.

17.according to a new gallup Poll, americans increasingly prefer to have small families of two or fewer children.

18.in a Poll of those leaving the theatre and nine out of ten thought it was simply marvellous.

19.with his Poll ratings in free fall and his deputies defecting from the party, papandreou seems to be running out of options.

20.trade unions are regarding the Poll as a test of the public's confidence in the government.

21.the Poll watchdog group said there had been a few incidents of Polling irregularities.

22.any Poll will ratify the significance of that insight: romney is the front-runner, and huntsman is languishing in single digits.

23.the Polls have closed in the pakistan parliamentary elections.

24.but, in a recent Poll, a majority of new yorkers said they did not believe the project would be completed on time.

25.voters are due to go to the Polls on sunday to elect a new president

26.an independent opinion Poll published today shows growing discontent with the government.

27.we already have files on people's tax details, mortgages and Poll tax

28.the government will take comfort from the latest opinion Poll.

29.a bbc Poll gave the labour party a 12 per cent lead

30.on the eve of the Poll, campaigning was bitter.

31.a Poll for the observer showed labour on 39 per cent with the tories lagging a point behind

32.he came third in the Poll with 149 votes

33.more than 18,000 people were Polled

34.the Poll canvassed the views of almost eighty economists.

35.it was a disappointing result for the greens who Polled three percent

36.a recent gallup Poll revealed that 20 million americans claimed to have had near-death experiences.

37.more than 70 per cent of those Polled said that they approved of his record as president.