Polka Sentence Examples | Use Polka in a sentence

1.i then realized she had no arms or legs, just a head, neck and torso. she was wearing a little white dress with red Polka dots.

2.the tops of the foldable step stools have white Polka dots and were sold as a set of two, including 9-inch and 15-inch stools.

3.i cannot hear any Polka without sensing a farewell.

4.i love floral prints for spring, but solid or Polka dotted skirts, like the ones below, are just as fun.

5.Polka, let the life return to nature.

6.my father danced with his granddaughters, and the band began to play the "beer barrel Polka".

7.but he will notice a woman wearing a horrible Polka dot dress because she looks in harmony with her Polka dots while you don't.

8.the vests were sold in two colors: blue with pink flowers and black with white Polka dots.

9.these people here want have some Polka music.

10.is the Polka often danced nowadays?

11.come and get a couple of lovely new jugs, a hoarding adorned with trademark Polka dots saucily exhorts, adding, made in england, look on the back stamp.

12.i love Polka dots and this pattern has a more random splay of dots and almost looks like a hazy animal print from a distance.

13.the former eastenders actress, 26, was sporting a small, but visible bump under her Polka dot blouse and mini-skirt.

14.it's the only basket bento box i have, he's used to the cute Polka dots, and his coworkers have stopped asking about it.

15.more than one woman i know noticed the color choice: her pink jacket and Polka-dot skirt standing out in the sea of suits at the hearing.

16.find this lovely Polka dots silk top in my aunt's closet long time ago.

17.we are playing music game! its name is Polka train!

18.a german round dance resembling a slow Polka.

19.when you're wearing a loud Polka dot, you need to keep the rest of your outfit quiet.

20.showing her love for pink, swift wore Polka dot tennis shows as she carried an elegant handbag.

21.her father taught her how to dance the Polka.

22.she was wearing a little white dress with red Polka dots.

23.the folk music of zagorje, an area north of zagreb, is known for Polka and waltz music similar to the neighboring slovenia and austria.

24.the couple danced a Polka.

25.the alligator is green and has a red ridge on its back and red wheels with yellow Polka dots.

26.Polka dots are fun and easy to wear.

27.this little Polka you and i have been doing for a while.

28.all right, hampton, connecticut, where age is just a number for this 103-year-old Polka-dancing nun.

29.sister cecilia adorni teaches her fancy Polka steps to elderly residents at an adult daycare center.

30.as he sat in his easy chair, i would fumble through lady of spain and beer barrel Polka.

31.florence, wearing a multi-coloured Polka dot safety helmet, could not resist cheekily covering her father's eyes as he held on tight to her ankles.

32.here comes yet another dunk hi, after we presented you earlier the seamless Polka dot dunk hi and the "quilted patent" dunk hi pack.

33.the band struck up a lively Polka.

34.the next dance is a Polka. let's sit it out.

35.music performed for dancing the Polka.

36.the aim this year was to reprogram cells to work cooperatively to form patterns, such as Polka dots, in a petri dish.

37.she likes wearing Polka dots when she goes to weddings.

38.yunnan-the-art bowling alley, enjoy the value of the Polka on manwan ktv and nightclubs will be with you through every warm night.

39.no matter that i have two moschino Polka dot dresses already; one is too small and the other turquoise and orange.