Polities Sentence Examples | Use Polities in a sentence

1.he's a baseball maniac with little taste for Polities. is significant for strengthening and improving ideology and Polities work under new history condition to analyze and understand these difficult problems and take the solution of these difficult problems as key subject to further and improve the work of ideology and politics.

3.because he is an authority in physics and he isn't an authority in Polities.

4.he took an active part in Polities when he was young.

5.the fusion of government investment in Polities and education is a distinctive financial characteristic of centralism countries.

6.this paper applies weber's categorization to the legitimacy analysis of chinese traditional Polities and the systematization of confucian politico-moral theory.

7.therefore the heart of development policy must be the creation of Polities that will create and enforce efficient property rights.

8.snake: i do whatever i have to do to get the job done, i don't think about Polities.

9.however, the study for preventive maintenance Polities did not shape sophisticated system inland presently.

10.history and Polities overlap and should be studied together. includes the administrative, economic, legal, ideological, and diplomacy. thirdly, this article assessed the effect of the anti-separatism Polities of china at the present stage.

12.since the cold war on, there has occurred a new tideway of political transition in the Polities of the world with the changes in the administrative parties of the all states.

13.this paper, starting with the discussion of the constitutionalists 'choices of different Polities in the early 20th century, explains the essence and connotation of zhang jian's constitutionalism through his understanding of such constitutional authorities as the parliament, the responsible cabinet and the consultant department.

14.but accounting standard for business enterprises of china had been defined accounting Polities to accounting estimates.

15.carry out national, provincial, municipal and regional exemption Polities concerning circulation tax, customs duties and importation vat.

16.generally captives appear to have been taken during war between Polities. network age, moral education of colleges and universities is facing new situation for information and technology deeply influenced social Polities, economics, culture and style of thinking of people as well as the ideological and political work of university students.

18.they were men who owed their exalted positions to Polities rather than experience. first it tells the fundamental theories and china's real estate management system, at first comparing with the laws and Polities about holding and housing in other countries.

20.the particularity comes from Polities 'influence, which is being in the teaching and its reform.

21.his examples are typically drawn from situations of human beings or Polities in extremes where the very survival or independence of a society is at stake. an important channel of Polities participation, the letter petition system safeguards people's democratic rights.

23.if his private business allows him a moment's relaxation, he will plunge at once into the whirlpool of Polities.

24.some Polities and working errors 'reason; we have transport facilities, labor force, preferential Polities as well as abundant raw materials.

26.the developing socialistic culture in the current international environment that two different social Polities coexist; we should correctly understand and handle the features of the international relations after the cold war is a very important issue in the contemporary international Polities.

28.the basis for the theory of platonic decline of Polities lies in the theory of ideas with soul. opponent mitt romney has blamed the cost of higher education on the president's 'failed economic Polities.'

30.beijing is the heart of our country in Polities, economy and culture. an important component and an indispensable effective, the urban tv have not come to distinctive management strategy of tv industrialization, just because of lack of strong support from media's Polities, smaller management scale and shortage of management talents.

32.innovation has been permeating into various spheres of social economy, Polities , culture, people's living and thinking. present, the anti-separatism Polities of china are a subsystem of our national policy system.

34.due to the special geography features in our country, development of Polities and economy between different areas is not in balance, which leads to the different degree of development of ecological environment construction.

35.this has been a book about courage and Polities . on the Polities of international competition ability's improvement of agricultural products in ningxia

37.the analysis of the historical event as a will not only help understand the historical limitations of the party's theory at that time on agricultural development but also help comprehend the current general and specific Polities of chinese agricultural reform of today.

38.i could do a better job by staying in Polities.