Politics Sentence Examples | Use Politics in a sentence

1.she changed the face of british Politics almost single-handed.

2.we're not saying that activists should put all their effort and time into party Politics

3.my Politics are well to the left of centre.

4.my line of work is entirely unrelated to Politics

5.the military has accused the clergy of mixing religion and Politics.

6.one can't separate Politics from economics.

7.after forty years in Politics he thinks it's time to call it a day.

8.partisan Politics is often an obstruction to good government.

9.economics is the base and Politics the concentrated expression of economics.

10.we want to get away from the Politics of outdated dogmatism and class confrontation.

11.you need to understand how office Politics influence the working environment.

12.but since she only torments me with international Politics, i can only remark: what a tiresome off-the-spot old woman!

13.a strong current of nationalism runs through ideology and Politics in the arab world.

14.how the party responds to this reverse will be one of the interesting sub-plots in irish Politics over the coming months and years.

15.the second section will take a look to the broad concept of europeanization of member states Politics and policies.

16.the interplay between the new Politics and the modern media will unbalance the political process and inhibit its workings.

17.angelina jolie is thinking of turning her attention to Politics with a view to ending up in the white house, it has been revealed.

18.any given culture is a reflection of the Politics and economics of a given society.

19.Politics is by no means the only arena in which women are excelling.

20.the film takes no position on the Politics of northern ireland

21.other forms of discourse have successfully been decoupled from Politics.

22.the key question in british Politics was how long the prime minister could survive

23.he said Politics has become increasingly irrelevant to most americans.

24.the intellectual and moral potential of the world's culture must be put at the service of Politics.

25.Politics has been reduced to class struggle.

26.do avoid potentially contentious subjects such as religion, sex or Politics.

27.he gave up Politics when he might have made a great career in it.

28.he began studying Politics and medieval history.

29.schmidt continued to expound his views on economics and Politics.

30.this extremist organization has shunned conventional Politics.

31.the very basis of indian Politics has been transformed

32.in Politics, power and popularity are not synonymous.

33.sadly, america already seems to be failing to keep that promise, paralysed by the Politics of transition.

34.this roused my interest in Politics and i went to work for the democrats.

35.all Politics seems to be local in mr harper's book, even if the action takes place on the other side of the world.

36.he said the olympic games is about the olympics itself and the spirit of athletics, not Politics. he added that everyone should support it.

37.his interests extended beyond the fine arts to international Politics and philosophy.

38.i've become very disillusioned with Politics

39.i became a teacher because i preferred books and people to Politics

40.he quickly involved himself in local Politics