Politically Sentence Examples | Use Politically in a sentence

1.they are Politically very aware.

2.further to your letter, i agree that there are some presentational problems, Politically speaking.

3.gershwin's lyrics would today probably be deemed Politically incorrect.

4.douglas held his tongue, preferring not to speak out on a Politically sensitive issue.

5.while Politically the jeffersonians won power, in letters the conservative federalist viewpoint seemed far more ably presented.

6.america is the most intellectually, artistically and Politically effervescent of nations.

7.Politically, i lean towards the right

8.this sort of scandal in international banking has been Politically costly.

9.the enemy were defeated not only militarily but morally, psychologically and Politically.

10.it occurred to tom to wonder whether jane was quite trustworthy. not that he thought she was in any way Politically active.

11.these dictators have entrenched themselves Politically and are difficult to move.

12.neither of his wife and children were Politically oriented and didn't enjoy a very original suggestion.

13.such power is Politically dangerous and morally objectionable.

14.it's a very imbalanced relationship economically and now Politically as well.

15.the crime was not Politically motivated

16.max is a loose cannon Politically.

17.perhaps an account of yang's family history, if it were ever to come to light, would be more Politically threatening than his documentary.

18.if it does not change course, he said: "the president Politically will be in an extremely difficult position to do anything but block it. "

19.gorbachev and his group appeared to believe that what was right was also Politically manageable.

20.this is all good, economically and Politically.

21.Politically speaking, do you think that these moves have been effective?

22.she is Politically aware.

23.i'm not going to defer decisions just because they are not immediately Politically popular.

24.it is often Politically expedient to paint china as an adversary, or worse, a future enemy.

25.he certainly was not Politically inactive

26.they have been galvanised into collective action — militarily, Politically and economically.

27.the country has made enormous strides Politically but not economically.

28.their view was that he had been Politically naive.

29.as an independent republic, they would be Politically and economically isolated.

30.he finds himself Politically enfeebled.

31.i think your initial decision to honor the contracts was both ethical and financially astute, but it seems to have been Politically unwise.

32.if the proposed convertible bond took chinalco past this point it would require fresh approval, which could prove Politically controversial.

33.the country was Politically rudderless for almost three months.

34.she was Politically astute

35.governments frequently ignore human rights abuses in other countries if it is Politically expedient to do so.

36.christians, or adherents of any religion for that matter, should refrain from using holy text to fight Politically over human concerns.

37.it might not be safe Politically for the president to leave the country.

38.and that means ideas which had been rejected as Politically untenable are now up for discussion again.

39.such a speech made sense Politically, too: it was shrewd to emphasise just how dreadful a mess he is inheriting from his predecessor.

40.this is Politically perilous.