Political Sentence Examples | Use Political in a sentence

1.the state is an ensemble of Political and social structures.

2.so, he might have added, are swaths of the american Political classes.

3.oakley locates housework in the wider context of economic, social and Political structures.

4.Political and personal ambitions are starting to prevail over economic interests.

5.for all that, economic globalisation is still running far ahead of its Political counterpart.

6.hamilton is a great statesman and Political thinker.

7.oh i'm not Political, i take no interest in politics

8.the government's Political and economic reforms threaten to plunge the country into chaos

9.the peruvian mario vargas llosa has been a novelist, journalist, a film director, Political leader and a presidential candidate.

10.the book analyses the social and Political ramifications of aids for the gay community.

11.their motives may be partly Political: mr jen tartly observes that the europeans have had nothing to say on the value of the yuan recently.

12.what he saw there left him with a profound distrust of all Political authority.

13.medium carrier of ideological and Political education in universities is one of the important parts of its theory system.

14.time and again Political parties have failed to tackle this issue.

15."i hereby assume the Political responsibility for the internal communication policy of the defence ministry, " he said.

16.as a future professional, why would it be important for you to be engaged in Political discussions related to social issues?

17.the president's Political advisers also weighed in on the plan

18.the general also lifted a ban on Political parties.

19.the mass media have been vested with significant power as social and Political agents in modern developed societies

20.Political life has been infected by growing nationalist sentiment.

21.in a peaceful age i might have written ornate or merely descriptive books, and might have remained almost unaware of my Political loyalties.

22.the elections may prove to be pivotal in colombia's Political history.

23.many journalists enter the country to report on Political affairs

24.yet Political news was often related to economic and social problems.

25.all other Political parties there have been completely banned

26.his Political opponents made a calculated attack on him.

27.the uneasy coupling of fascism and conservatism spawned a new kind of Political regime

28.the current Political situation was considered with a view to its causes and its effect.

29.aides said the president would attend as a sports fan, and not to make any Political statement.

30.one may feel the social, economic, and Political pulse of the state.

31.he explained scientifically the most important questions of Political economy.

32.he was the ultimate arbiter on both theological and Political matters.

33.the minister reportedly stressed that economic and Political reforms were two sides of the same coin.

34.he denies exerting any Political influence over them

35.it has no rapid-reaction force and does not engage in regular Political deliberations .

36.abortion is once again a controversial Political and moral issue.

37.this play is very Political.

38.the whole of africa had been buffeted by social and Political upheavals.

39.we have a Political elite in this country.