Politic Sentence Examples | Use Politic in a sentence

1.its basic nature is to formulate and appraise regional economic development relating to the economic, Politic and cultural nature of human or human nature.

2.it is a rational force employed by the body Politic in the service of itself as a body.

3.and, to say the truth, there is no conduct less Politic than to enter into any confederacy with your friend's servants against into master.

4.there is advantage to use the life education in Politic subject in senior high school.

5.coriolanus'fate suggests this perennial tension between the city and the manly arm of the body Politic.

6.i felt it Politic to keep my peace and play the part of the attentive listener.

7.coriolanus' fate suggests this perennial tension between the city and the manly arm of the body Politic.

8.abstract: accounting hypothesis is the basis of economic Politic and society environment on which accounting depends.

9.Politic Politics Politician my friend, patrick, has always been a fanatical opponent of mr. lane's radical progressive party.

10.i deemed it Politic to leave al that point.

11.it might be more Politic to tell him yourself than let him find out from someone else.

12.based on this, it has been advanced that some relative administrative and Politic recommendations for marketing operation of treating shenzhen organic refuse as resource.

13.this scale of aid from foreign countries is unprecedented and has great Politic meaning.

14.it's thought that these countries'powers and influences are changing world's economy and Politic.

15.why did you have to rake up his Politic past? he's a reformed character now.

16.in britain (or at least england), the tradition of sectarian enmity was not so much purged from the body Politic as mislaid.

17.and that it is consequently against the nature of the body Politic for the sovereign to impose on itself a law which it cannot infringe.

18.and in any event, the us body Politic is less interested in ideology.

19.government performances include economic performance, social performance and Politic performance, and may be divided into macro and micro levels.

20.the factors that influence the youth farmers'Political participation include ecomonic factors, Politic factors, and culture factors.

21.real Politic thinking is uncongenial to american Political discourse

22.surrealism saved me from Politic lesson, function and chemistry and helped me escape from the torment of education committee.

23.the law of nature was given up to the organs of the body Politic.

24.we do not road history simply for pleasure, but in order that we may discover the laws of Politic growth and change.

25.the dialectic view serves as the scientific basis for the revelations on the Politic teaching and practice.

26.the event of "south china tiger photo", as one of social hot events in2007, reflects many current problems and characteristics on Politic, culture, media and other aspects.

27.in mediaeval times rivers were the veins of the body Politic as well as economic.

28.commonwealth: the people of a nation or state; the body Politic.

29.the accusal is "harm the security of body Politic".

30.many towns often found it Politic to change their allegiance.

31.scientific disposal of state power is needed in order to build socialist Politic civilization.

32.innovation did not catch up with, the technology is short of break, Politic without operation.

33.it would be wise for beijing to take heed of this rising angst in the american and global body Politic.

34.the continuance of such an injustice could not but prove the undoing of the body Politic.

35.when the fight began, he thought it Politic to leave.

36.this kind of link is Politic, to internet environment of home, it is feasible.

37.the us body Politic is perfectly prepared to ignore the debt implications of its stimulus actions.

38.covert interview is an outcome of Politic economic and social developments in certain historic period, it conformed to the social and times requirements, and inhered specific historic functions.

39.the failure of his Politic statements, regarding to china's previous social reality, and xuzhimo's pursue towards eternal love, all have an inspiration meaning to many researchers and writers.

40.enterprise's thought Politic work is an important content of modern enterprise management.