Politely Sentence Examples | Use Politely in a sentence

1.'you said there was something you wanted to ask me,' he said Politely

2.i'm sorry i was short with you; i ought to have answered your question more Politely.

3.you can say 'with due respect' when you are about to disagree Politely with someone.

4.he said no, quite Politely, and in turn invited her to come to russia at a time of her choosing.

5.do tell him to speak to old men Politely!

6.i've been beating my brains out all day over that report, and i still can't find a way to make my suggestions Politely.

7.you gave me a goodbye pat on the head, avoided my eyes, and Politely refused to take my collar and leash with you.

8.i Politely refused their invitation.

9.'you must be very old, maltster, 'said gabriel Politely, 'to have such an old son as jacob here. '

10.don't try to dictate to children, they will obey you better if you ask them Politely.

11.or, you can simply stop whatever you are doing and pointedly but Politely wait for her to finish her conversation.

12.i expect to be addressed correctly and Politely and i expect my butler to be able to pronounce and remember my name.

13.he offered the boys some coffee. they declined Politely.

14.she Politely inquired about my wedding, and was shocked to discover it had been called off, but agreed it was probably for the best.

15.when i called him at home after office hours, he always Politely told me that he enjoyed talking about work with me in the office.

16.frank told me that his offer of help was Politely declined.

17.try to be consistent in correcting her, says pawel; otherwise, she'll keep testing to see if she really needs to talk Politely.

18.she declined his invitation Politely.

19.tom offered me a cigarette. i refused Politely.

20.i answered your first question Politely.

21.after first Politely declining, he eventually took a seat in the front row.

22.the audience are strangely subdued, clapping Politely after each song.

23.'miss bennet, please allow me the pleasure of dancing with you, 'said mr darcy Politely, holding out his hand.

24.in the end she greeted me, but not very Politely.

25.he Politely declined her offer.

26.rather than Politely lobbying politicians, gay dignity will be making its presence felt through demonstrations.

27.i asked, as Politely as possible to make up for my directness.

28.i gave it back Politely.

29.both boys had good manners, Politely shaking hands.

30.she Politely answer the guest 'question.

31.you should deal with him more Politely.

32.i refused the invitation Politely.

33.the guests Politely offered their seats to each other before finally settling down in them.

34.it's important that we ( should) speak to the old Politely.

35.when scanning our list, we Politely encourage you to ask yourself, "do i really want to continue using an eight-year-old operating system? "

36.as the lady stepped down from the carriage, the gentleman Politely handed her out of the car.

37.'here's the taxi,' she said Politely

38.the suggestion might be worded more Politely.

39.i smiled Politely. 'perhaps he's getting old,' i thought.

40.when he asked me to dance, i declined Politely.