Polite Sentence Examples | Use Polite in a sentence

1.he's generous and, you know, very nice, very Polite

2.but it is still Polite for a man to open doors for women, and to ask them to go first.

3.it's Polite to yield up your seat on the bus to an old lady.

4.he was always so Polite and respectful

5.cross cleared his throat and spoke in low, Polite tones.

6."i finally got to know, " he said, "everyone was kind to me. in return, i should at least be Polite. "

7.well-dressed clients were talking in Polite undertones as they ate.

8.in the main they were presentable, Polite, with average-to-good social skills.

9.the phone is answered by a Polite, well-spoken woman who tells me that she is trying to become an actress, but is struggling to find work.

10.conversation on such an occasion is not expected to soar above Polite commonplaces.

11.they are always perfectly Polite and beautifully mannered.

12.gately, a quiet and very Polite young man, made a favourable impression

13.the captain stretched his left leg on one of the empty chairs. he knew it was not a Polite thing to do.

14.her mother also noticed that dorothy 's sentences mainly comprised parts of verbs and lacked most component parts of Polite speech.

15.i don't think it'd be Polite for us to leave so soon.

16.today, my boss walked in and said something i didn't quite hear, but my co-worker chuckled so to be Polite, i laughed with him.

17.he seems to quite like my company, but he's exquisitely Polite so i might be misreading him.

18.if the inquiry is from a regular customer, a direct and Polite reply, with an expression of thanks, is all that is necessary.

19.if you're pitching me specifically and i haven't emailed you back send me a Polite reminder a week or two later.

20.everyone around him was trying to be Polite, but you could tell they were all bored

21.he made a Polite implication that he was going to leave.

22.certain words are vulgar and not acceptable in Polite society.

23.we made Polite, stilted conversation

24.it is not Polite to interrupt when someone is talking.

25.a Polite young lady came round checking off the guests one by one.

26.he is very Polite to people.

27.it's not Polite to point or talk about strangers in public

28.i know you don't like him but be that as it may, you can at least be Polite to him.

29.the tone of his language was diplomatic and Polite

30.she had been surprised at how amiable and Polite he had seemed.

31.finally, edward looked over at me with a Polite smile. "i'll be right behind you, " he promised.

32.i hate having to make Polite conversation.

33.he's a man of few words, very Polite and unassuming

34.he made a Polite bow to me.

35.his noble ideas and Polite behavior are laudable.

36.i am a Polite person and i hate bullies and arrogant.

37.i like to deal with a Polite clerk.

38.i think english men are very Polite and very correct

39.they were very Polite, i must confess.