Pocketknife Sentence Examples | Use Pocketknife in a sentence

1.i will use my Pocketknife in a safe manner at all times.

2.he took his Pocketknife and in the big oak made a groove.

3.a small Pocketknife; originally used to cut quill pens.

4.i promise never to throw my Pocketknife for any reason.

5.steven killed the bird with his Pocketknife.

6.with a Pocketknife he cut herring's seat belt, reclined her seat, then cradled her head and neck in his hands.

7.pulling out the blade of his Pocketknife with his teeth, brown chipped away at the frozen snow out the air intake.

8.i will treat my Pocketknife with the respect due a useful tool.

9.it was pretty cool. i got a really good Pocketknife for $10.

10.keep a sharp Pocketknife close at hand when you tie a horse;

11.it offers more usefulness than thought possible in a Pocketknife this size.

12.a Pocketknife with a spring-operated blade.

13.spears it open with a Pocketknife.

14.if you use a Pocketknife to cut or scratch these two minerals, you will find that the Pocketknife can scratch calcite and can not scratch quartz.

15.he knew we were looking for a Pocketknife.

16.now, use your Pocketknife to touch the mica and see what will happen.

17.the banker laughed disagreeably and began trimming his nails with a pearl - handled Pocketknife .

18."it's mine," said fred, showing a white handled Pocketknife, with every blade perfect and shining." just what i've always wanted. "and he turned the prize over and over with evient satisfaction.