Plodding Sentence Examples | Use Plodding in a sentence

1.if you adopt the Plodding, methodical approach i describe, you will probably have your program operating the first time.

2.on this occasion, the ex-manager ate his as he went, Plodding the dark streets in silence to his bed.

3.i did get a bit cheesed off with the movie's rather Plodding pace.

4.after two decades of Plodding developments in personal computing, a host of new platforms has cropped up, many within the past six months of2009.

5.the paper briefly introduces the process and mechanism of soap vacuum Plodding through analyze of quality problems soap vacuum Plodding, such as soap body rough, soft white point etc.

6.a woman in a fluttering shawl was creeping slowly by the railings, staggering as she went. the old man was Plodding wearily along the band of the river.

7.a Plodding general miner, it may find it hard to haggle with the canny and highly knowledgeable dealers who are the prime customers for rough diamonds.

8.rather than Plodding through a morning paper and an evening broadcast, they increasingly seek the kind of information they want, when they want.

9.the patient bull won't have a problem Plodding through educational books or drawn-out suspense thrillers.

10.a little girl in bare feet was Plodding through the snow.

11.she found herself Plodding across the back of the auditorium, praying for guidance, to an empty seat.

12.two other passengers besides the one were Plodding up the hill by the side of the mail.

13.will the team be able to find a balance between an all-out running attack and elton brand's Plodding offense?

14.they're happy Plodding along slowly and creating this perception of a space race.

15.if your code is Plodding, however, you may want to take the matter into your own hands.

16.she's one of those dull Plodding people, who gets things done but has no imagination.

17.with luck china will combine its precocity in economic development with a Plodding conservatism in economic diplomacy.

18.the old man was Plodding wearily along the bank of the river.

19.the us economy, while hardly in top shape, is at least Plodding ahead, while the eurozone is wobbling on the edge of a cliff.

20.round a bend in the canal came Plodding a solitary horse , stooping forward as if in anxious thought.

21.the old man was Plodding wearily along the bank of the river . may seem reckless, but what's really nice about this attitude is the emphasis on feeling something as you go through life, not simply Plodding along.

23.even her loyalty to ashley could not make her believe he had been responsible for much of this well-being, for tara's bloom was not the work of a planter-aristocrat, but of the Plodding, tireless "small farmer" who loved his land.

24.he is Plodding on with negotiations

25.a deliberate, perhaps Plodding, decision-maker, he hated to be rushed into making changes and preferred to stick to his plan regardless of circumstances.

26.Plodding around in evil weather in the dark can be very mind numbing, i assure you.

27.returns in hong kong have been Plodding compared with those in shanghai and shenzhen, but are still better than anywhere else.

28.i saw the dull , drilled , docile, brutish masses of the hun soldiers Plodding on like a swarm of crawling locusts, . . .

29.we all sit at our desks, Plodding away in silence.

30.Plodding regulators can do little to change that fact.

31.he's Plodding away day and night.

32.that follows a much more Plodding and analytic approach.

33.a quiet Plodding horse.

34.two other passengers, besides the one, were Plodding up the hill by the side of the mail.

35.heck, if those boring spurs win another title at least it will be because of a guard who can penetrate, and not that Plodding tim duncan.

36.apart from the odd bug fix, poor eric was on his own, Plodding through all those different collection versions by himself.

37.while china has moved faster than some expected the pace is still Plodding.