Pledge Sentence Examples | Use Pledge in a sentence

1.the Pledge has long since run out.

2.please stand and Pledge the flag, after which dr. jerome taylor will give the invocation. dudley has Pledged to give any award to charity

4.pressed for a sum of money, he put his sunday best in (or to) Pledge.

5.the agreement includes a Pledge of non-aggression

6.i have left the watch as Pledge for borrowed money.

7.i Pledge myself to you body and soul.

8.the president Pledged himself to increase taxes for the rich but not the middle classes

9.with risk currencies falling, analysts said the euphoria fueled by china's Pledge of a flexible yuan over the weekend has clearly faded.

10.tony cottee has Pledged himself to everton football club for another three years

11.whereas a common understanding of these rights and freedoms is of the greatest importance for the full realization of this Pledge.

12.the fa has resisted all entreaties to Pledge its support to the campaign.

13.therefore i Pledge and i stand by the world to fight against extremism and terrorism. meetings began to sound like a Pledge banquet with a pass-around microphone.

15.“ i Pledge before god i didn't do it,” said the old man.

16.we ask you to Pledge yourselves, along with us, to realize this great aim.

17.he would keep his Pledge to the utmost of his power.

18.the treaties renounce the use of force and Pledge the two countries to co-operation.

19.he must ask her to marry him. they must marry at once, and so make a definite Pledge, enter into a definite communion.

20.we'll Pledge moral and material support to the cause.

21.and how did he get from his Pledge not to interfere with slavery to a decision a year later to issue an emancipation proclamation?

22.but mr bush made no Pledge on the size of emissions cuts that the us would be prepared to sign up to and gave no indication of a timeframe.

23.the government has now Pledged £ 170m over the next six years for improving primary care.

24.the meeting ended with a Pledge to step up cooperation between the six states of the region.

25.i Pledge that by next year we will have the problem solved.

26.the company has even announced a english by 2012 Pledge that will see english become the official language of the company in two years.

27.the central bank will provide special loans, and the banks will Pledge the land as security.

28.he asked her to Pledge the house as security for a loan.

29.i'll fulfill my Pledge.

30.we Pledge our bodies and souls.

31.philip Pledges support and offers to help in any way that he can

32.she left her gold bracelet as a Pledge.

33.the old man is willing to Pledge for him.

34.there hangs straight on the wall of this grocery a service Pledge.

35.we Pledge to keep the faith and keep believing in the things that doug collins is trying to do while we're losing all of these close games.

36.his tax-cutting Pledge brought a delirious crowd to their feet the treaty both sides Pledge to respect human rights. hold me to Pledge that you only need a telephone, is left over the matter i do.