Playing Sentence Examples | Use Playing in a sentence

1.up to four players can compete in a virtual world of role Playing

2.i came across a group of children Playing.

3.robert was Playing around with another woman.

4.i tried Playing golf, but i was rubbish.

5.the Playing cards had gone missing.

6.his cat likes to chase the mice as if it were Playing with them.

7.mike, no way am i Playing cards with you for money

8.her hobbies were Playing the guitar and sketching.

9.we are Playing a trick on a man who keeps bothering me

10.she's only Playing in the singles.

11.she was getting into trouble over Playing truant from school.

12.i was incompetent at Playing the piano

13."i'm really happy to be back Playing and to be part of the squad for matches again is great, " he said.

14.the youngster just got sand up its snout after Playing in the sand and needed his mother's help to get it out.

15.he was in the study Playing draughts by the fire with albert.

16.he sprained his ankle when Playing football.

17.watching tv or Playing computer games for long periods damages your heart, regardless of how much you exercise, say scientists. and again he'd join in when we were Playing video games.

19.nina had been Playing the piano

20."jordan was Playing well so i stuck with him in the second half, " jackson said.

21."Playing champions league football is one of my biggest challenges, " said the midfielder.

22.the latency needs to be so small that it gives to the musician the impression of Playing a real acoustic instrument.

23.he was at his happiest whilst Playing cricket

24.we aren't Playing well as a team, and that's a fact

25.i enjoyed Playing cricket.

26.i like Playing football best, but occasionally i play table tennis, too.

27.i felt guilty saying that, Playing on her generosity.

28.Playing against zebre in england's first outing, he suffered a whiplash injury to his neck.

29.he spent his adolescent years Playing guitar in the church band. was as part of a team that jackman got his big hollywood break a decade ago, when he began Playing "wolverine" in the "x-men" films.

31.mark was mainly interested in sport at school, Playing rugby as well as soccer

32.there was a swimming-pool, cricket pitches, Playing fields

33.promised to give it up. so i put down the poker we were Playing, and went back my room, locking the door. are really keen on Playing chess.

35.don't make this personal, larry. you know i'm not soft. a lot of guys agree with me. it's not fun Playing with you.

36.i never miss a chance of Playing football.

37.alain was Playing cards with his friends

38.he started his career in show business by Playing the saxophone and singing.

39.agassi was Playing well above his world ranking of 12.

40.whilst Playing badminton, i ruptured my achilles tendon.