Piscine Sentence Examples | Use Piscine in a sentence

1.Piscine color is on certain level, bring an influence completely more or less to urging the power of money.

2.but although the taxonomy and biology of fish parasites have been extensively studied, relatively little has been known about the protective immunity in fish and the effects of parasites on the Piscine immune system.

3.[ conclusion] the cosmetic in small-scale emporium 、 small supermarket 、 cosmetology shop and Piscine, the cosmetic for special use and the cosmetic being imported are the keystone for sanitary inspection and supervision in the future.

4.Piscine bolus also does not have fishiness, but you to conceal, special added curry juice, miss a ball of fish of curry of its make it.

5.in one, involving salmon, some fish froze to death and Piscine faeces turned the nearby ocean floor into a wasteland.

6.x line behaves: rachis osteoporosis, bone little bridge decreases, cave among centrum, submit Piscine tail form.

7.discharge makeup should use special clean latex, next frost of the eye on put on the skin, appear prematurely in case Piscine end grain.

8.the physical resemblances are uncanny, right down to the bulbous eyes of one woman being mirrored in her Piscine meal.

9.Piscine on-line bobber is vibrating up and down, enrol all the way in water.

10.according to the shape, size and target tissues of the virus, we recognized that trbiv is different from the documented turbot iridovirus and it may be a new Piscine iridovirus for cultured turbot.

11.Piscine mouth shoe, afterwards follow on current goes this year, if show, toe is like concealed, very sexy.

12.does language of Piscine character wind write you doesn't this project use those who do ui namely?

13.the red seabream tnf sequence shared relatively high similarity with both mammalian tnf α and tnf β by multiple sequence alignments. phylogenetic analysis showed that the Piscine tnf α were located independently in a different branch compared with mammalian tnf α and tnf β.

14.there was the result eventually now, researcher already was in a kind the name is " ancient than " mystery discovered on Piscine body.

15.mermaid a mythical Piscine humanoid, the upper portion being that of a female human, the lower that of a teleost.